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Over the years, I feel like I’ve turn blue talking about and recommending the ACRO series to anyone who hasn’t read it yet.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s such a great combination of super powers and erotic romance.  I wish Sydney Croft would just continue writing it!  But, alas, it’s a finished series and if you haven’t read it yet, then you get to enjoy it all at once if you want!  If you like X-Men and just wanted them to be a little (or a lot) kinkier and sexier, then just read this series.  There’s something here for everyone and I couldn’t have loved it more.  Sydney Croft is the pen name of author duo Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler.  We all know Larissa for her amazing paranormal romances, and Stephanie Tyler writes some kick ass romantic suspense, as well as m/m romance under the pen name S.E. Jakes.  So imagine all that awesome combined into one series!  It’ll have you, like me, asking for more.

Take a moment to read what Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione had to say about the ACRO series…

Ah, the ACRO series. I have so many fond memories of writing these books with Larissa, I can’t even begin to tell you. When we work together, the words just fly, the stories come together and we have a blast. But probably more so in the very early days, before either of us actually had books on the shelves and didn’t have much to worry about beyond the actual joy of the writing. I’d never trade being published, but there’s something very freeing about writing those first books. 

You’ll often see me and Larissa mentioning that Unleashing the Storm is our favorite book, and it really is. I mean, we love all the books and the characters, but every once in a while, a book rolls along that is just so completely easy to write, it literally writes itself. Unleashing did just that. I told her while we were plotting out the series that I wanted an alpha male who was a total asshole to everyone, and who didn’t change when he fell in love. That the woman who loved him back would get to see his gentler side but that he wouldn’t magically be nice to all. 

Ender definitely fits that bill. 

I think one of my favorite scenes is early on, when Ender goes out running and returns to find Kira is in the barn sitting on the hay. Such a perfect, sexy and simple moment. That book is about so much more than the sex and I love it when readers get that, see that the relationship grows with each sex scene – that it means something until it’s no longer just sex, but making love between Kira and Ender.

~ Stephanie Tyler

I think my favorite characters are also popular favorites with readers — Creed and Annika, and Dev. Those three really took over the series and played such crucial roles. Creed and Dev were the anchors in the series, with Dev anchoring ACRO, and Creed anchoring Annika. Annika was the character who changed the most over the course of the six books, and watching her grow from a strong, cold warrior to a strong, caring woman was a lot of fun. Stephanie and I both enjoyed writing these characters!

~ Larissa Ione

[new-release title=”Riding the Storm” author=”Sydney Croft”]

Favorite Quote:

“See what love does? It makes you weak. Kills you.”
Warm breath feathered over her scalp as Remy pressed a gentle kiss to the top of her head. “It also gives people something to live for,” he whispered.


[new-release title=”Unleashing the Storm” author=”Sydney Croft”]

Favorite Quote:

“You don’t have to seduce me, you know. I’m a sure thing.”


[new-release title=”Seduced by the Storm” author=”Sydney Croft”]

Favorite Quote:

“I’m assuming you’re taking me to ACRO.”
“Can’t get anything by you,” Annika drawled.
“What’s going to happen when we get there?”
“They’ll probably torture you for a few days.” Annika glanced at Faith’s hands and shrugged. “You didn’t need those fingernails anyway. Terrible polish. Black doesn’t look good on you.”


[new-release title=”Taming the Fire” author=”Sydney Croft”]

Favorite Quote:

“Do you think, maybe, we could continue this someplace more private? Because I can see your brother watching us from behind that palm tree–and man, he’s still holding that pistol.”


[new-release title=”Tempting the Fire” author=”Sydney Croft”]

Favorite Quote:

“You want it baby? he murmured, as he jerked himself with long, tantalizing pulls.
“You want this buried so deep you can taste it when I come?”


[new-release title=”Taken by Fire” author=”Sydney Croft”]

Favorite Quote:

“I’d miss my own crowning to be the King of England to be with you.”


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Ginelle Blanch

This series looks hot!!!! Thanks for the post and for the chance 🙂

Amy R

I was able to get my library to purchase this series but I’ve yet to read it.


Healing and Teleportation!
This series sounds really great! 🙂

Tammy V

I would love to teleport. I hate driving and sometimes I am needed in two places (or twenty) at once.

Nancy Jones



Either telekinesis or the ability to heal


Teleportation or time travel sound fun

Barb Hill-Kidd

The power to see patterns– so I could predict.

Lenna Hendershott

I would want to either fly or teleport. I hate time getting eaten up by transportation. Thanks for the giveaway! Can’t wait to get started reading!

Nicki S

If I could have a superpower it’d be the ability to time travel. I’d do back in time only though; don’t wanna see the future. I love Larissa Ione and have this series on my TBR pile. Thanks for featuring the ACRO series.

Sue G.

I have never heard of this series, but it sounds interesting. I would like the ability to teleport so I can get to places faster!


I would love to have telekinesis. The idea of moving things with your mind has always fascinated me.



Laura Lovejoy-Brunk

I would love to be able to teleport. I’d save a bundle on vacations ! New author and series for me, sounds good !


Healing people.