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So my dear friends, let us rollback to the days of yore, when the books were paper only and a kindle was but a dream. Well, I may be exaggerating! But with Rollback Reads, we want to celebrate some of the older books that we have read in the month. Whether they really are before the time of kindles or were just last year. We wanted to give some space to books that may no longer be in the spotlight, but are still worth highlighting … or ranting about. So please come and join us in our discussions of these rollback reads!

November 2018

It’s been another slow month for me! I have barely read current releases let alone any older ones. However, in December I do have a few things I am planning to read. I want to do a mop up exercise of 2018 releases I haven’t managed to read yet. I still have some outstanding from the beginning of the year! If I get these books read it means a fresh start for 2019.

Starting off my two steampunk books I read because of the Roundabout challenge: THE GOLDEN SPIDER by Anne Renwick and A CLOCKWORK HEART by Liesel Schwarz.  Both were decent successes and especially if you think that I don’t generally love the genre.  The second is more like the Parasol Protectorate series where the first is more of a romance.    Also for the Roundabout I read THE ART OF SINNING by Sabrina Jeffries, I’ve wanted to go back and read the books I missed in this series for a while and it was an adorable read.  I always enjoy stories about artists in this case was a painter.  And last for the challenge I also read THE CURSE OF TENTH GRAVE by Darynda Jones.  When this started I was a little worried about the marriage problems but it turned out to be a great read and I can’t wait to see where the overall story goes from here.

Up next I have two PIFM reads.  One from last month that I didn’t read until November SWEET AS SIN by Inez Kelley.  I really thought this story would hit me more than it did.  It does have a tortured hero but it didn’t gut me and get me to cry like I was expecting.  And second my PIFM for November was A THOUSAND BOY KISSES by Tillie Cole.  This one devastated me.  That’s all I’m going to say.  I cried for at least a steady 70% of this book.  Sobbed, ugly cried.  Loved it.

And last my KU adventure…. was not a success.  I read AIMLESS WITCH by Shannon Mayer and I did not enjoy it.  I guess I can now admit this author is just not for me.  I’ve tried a few books and while I love the concepts I just never connect with the executions.

I recently had the pleasure to re-read The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones for a blog post in early November. I got to tell you, it felt good rereading it knowing the end of the series is near. It reminded me of how much I love this book and the series in itself. I cried just like the first time. Reminding me of how bad-ass Charlie is. And it also reminded me that though Charley is a tough cookie, she has definitely had gone through some serious shit. Since I’ve read this series from the beginning, I feel like I was right there along with her.  I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve read the upcoming last installment (Summoned to Thirteenth Graveand Jones closes the series beautifully. If you like Urban Fantasy complete with mystery, action, humor, love and a dash of sexy, this is a must try. I mean, if I can pay you to read it, you’d pay me right back with interest because you will love it.


Have you read any older books this month?



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Sophia Rose

Neat to see you all catching up on some older books and making plans to finish the month out strong. I was glad to finish up my oldies for Romance Roundabout and also a few from an older series for a Series challenge. This still leaves so many even from this year that I need to get to at some point. 🙂


I enjoyed aftermath and the golden spider and of course charley is great. I read dog with a bone by hailey edwards.

Amy R

Ball Peen Hammer (Morgan Brothers #1) by Lauren Rowe, Real men Snarl and Real Men Howl by Celia Kyle, Roman’s Having Sex Again by Nikki Ashton, The Marriage Contract by Katee Roberts, Barbarian’s Heart by Ruby Dixon and The Kiss and Make Up series by Sara Ney were my November Rollback Reads.


Yes, I read The Dirt On Ninth Grave and The Curse Of Tenth Grave


Yes The poet by Micheal Connelly.