Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas by Soraya Lane

Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas by Soraya Lane
Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas
Book Info

Released: October 29th 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Pages: 352

Billionaires, cowboys, and romance collide during the holidays in this next book in the River Ranch series by Soraya Lane.

When Cody Ford comes back to Texas for Christmas, he’s dragging his toes. The last thing he wants is to be back on the family ranch when he could stay in New York, but his family always spends the holidays together and he knows better than to cancel on them. What he wasn’t expecting was his one-time girlfriend, Lexi Murphy, to be his father’s new live-in nurse. It seems his family has fallen in love with the girl he had a fling with as a teenager, before he left Texas and never looked back.

But Lexi holds a grudge that hasn’t disappeared with time. Cody thought he was too good for hometown girls’ back then, and the single mom isn’t about to give him the time of day now. He headed off to college without so much as a goodbye kiss fifteen years earlier, and he’s less cowboy and more corporate suit after so long away from his home state. Cody has his work cut out for him when it comes to making his one-time lover forgive him, but suddenly being back on the ranch for Christmas isn’t looking so bleak after all. How did he ever leave all this behind, and why the hell did he ever think he was too good for a woman like Lexi?

When a snowstorm leaves them stranded at Christmas, the stakes become even higher when Cody risks everything to save Lexi’s son. The city slicker slots straight back into cowboy mode to plough through the snow, risking it all to save the one person Lexi couldn’t live without. Can Lexi ever trust Cody again? And can Cody convince Lexi that he’s not the ruthless playboy that she thinks he is?

Once Upon a Christmas Cowboy proves that even the worst of enemies can eventually fall in love… and that you can’t ever take the country out of a cowboy. Especially at Christmas!