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If you’ve watched anything recently on Netflix or have even been to the movies, you may have noticed that there has bee quite the buzz going around about some Asian-focused shows/movies. With the popularity of Kpop also on the rise, there’s been a greater interest of the Asian community thanks to the likes of Jenny Han and Kevin Kwan and many others.

As an Asian myself, I feel like this is something to rejoice about. In the past, there weren’t very many Asian main characters in fiction. Sometimes they appeared, but perhaps they were just side characters. But now in 2018, we have seen more and more Asian characters coming to life in big ways and this makes me very proud.

I hope that this doesn’t end up being just a trend. I hope that one day all cultures and religions can also have their time to shine. Not only is it fun to read about different characters, but it’s a wonderful chance to learn about other people’s cultures as well. And I particularly love seeing the different parts of Asia being represented too. In many books in the past, Asia was often clumped together or categorized as one large place, but now we are lucky enough to see the different cultures within Asia represented in books.

Asian authors definitely have a lot to offer and with so many other authors introducing Asian characters into their books/series, I hope that this diversity continues to grow.

And now, I just want to share some of my favorite books with Asian authors or Asian characters. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it will definitely get you started. Don’t forget to share your favorites down below as well as other cultures you’d like to see more of.

What are your favorites?


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Amy R

Thanks for the post, I’ve only read Cinder on your list. I did enjoy The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang.


I’ve only read bonds of justice and cinder om this list and enjoyed both. I also like the kiss quotient by helen hoang, the hunter kiss series by marjorie m liu. Liu’s dirk and steele series is good as well. Lily Yu in the lupi novels by eileen wilks is a great character. Julie kagawa has some good books, too.

Sophia Rose

I agree, Annie. It needs to be more than a trend. Yay for a Jeannie Lin shoutout in there. I’ve been re-reading Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series and love that all her main characters are people from diverse ethnic groups including the Japanese werewolf, Gemini, who is Taran’s hero.

Kathy Valentine

I’ve never read any Asian reads excerpt for Memoirs of a Geisha ,which I loved!! I will check these out! Shared on all my socials!!??


Cinder is the only one I’ve read so far from your list. I have The Kiss Quotient but haven’t read it yet


I hope that as the US entertainment industry starts to see the dollars roll in, they’ll realize their previous mis-steps.
Piper J Drake, who has Thai heritage, writes excellent Romantic Suspense featuring Asian Heroes and Heroines.