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Every time I think about trying new authors, I honestly get a bit scared.  But as we’ve said many times before here on the blog, there’s a lot of books out there now just a lot less quality it seems.  Books tend to all blend together to the point you can’t remember which one was it that you just read.  And among that scary sea of pages, it’s easy to stay committed to what you know best.  Your tried and true authors.  Problem lately has been, for me, that those tried and true authors are more often than not giving me subpar quality as well.  I’m not loving their books as much as I used to!  Or even the genres I used to read are starting to become stale.  So the past year has been a constant search for me.  Searching for new authors to read.  Some brand new, some new to me.  Some I picked up on a whim based on the fact they show up on my Amazon page as I look at other books I’ve read.  Others, honestly, is the cover that allures me.  A few have even been recommended by you guys!  And sadly, not all of my attempts to look for new good authors have been successful.

So here’s a list of the authors I’ve gone outside of my comfort zone (read… what I know and have read) and I’ve given them a try in the past year: Lydia Michaels, Anna Harrington, A.R. Barley, Nicola Yoon, Sarah Jio, Renee Ahdieh, Ava March, Kelly Bowen, Victoria Denault, J.R. Rain, Roan Parrish, Cambria Hebert, Anna Zabo, Erica Ferencik, Julia Heaberlin, Suzanne McLeod, Rachel Robinson, Shannon Mayer, Mina Carter, Sabrina Jeffries, Danica Winters, Tamsen Parker, Devon Monk, Bryn Greenwood, Claire Contreras, Chanel Cleeton, Leylah Attar, Santino Hassell, Caroline Kepnes, K.J. Charles, J.J. McAvoy, Sherry Thomas, Cecy Robson, Wendy Higgins, Jay Kristoff, Daisy Prescott, Mia Marlowe, B.A. Paris, Ruth Ware and Marie Lu.

I would say I’ve given this a good shot, right?  And you know?  I’ve realized that there’s quite a bit I can enjoy when I stretch that comfort zone and try things out.  Yeah, some of those were complete failures for me and I won’t be reading them again.  But some of them have become auto buy authors as well.  And the best part?  I had a much better reading experience by not reading always the same!

While I plan on continuing exploring new authors this year, and even testing the waters of different genres, it gets me curious what it is that attracts others to try a certain new author.  Do you usually go for an author you haven’t seen mentioned everywhere?  Or do you prefer one that everyone seems to be loving?  Do you let the cover sway you?  Do you only trust recommended authors by friends or bloggers?  It’s become so hard to make decisions on what to invest my slowly dwindling reading time that I’m always scared to make the wrong “investment” and pick the wrong book.


What authors have you recently taken a chance on and been pleasantly surprised?
Share with us in the comments below!

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The most recent new to me author I tried this year was Tarryn Fisher and I loved the book so I’m definitely going to read more of he stuff

Under the Covers Book Blog

I tried Tarryn a few years ago myself.

Kathleen Bylsma

Devon Monk is cool….Claire Contrearas….but I agree…some of the tropes are getting way overused!


I found Lauren Gilley and I’ve read every single thing she’s written. Incredible author.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Ohhhh haven’t heard of her!

Jonetta (Ejaygirl)

Trying new authors is scary given that my reading time is precious. But, one of my Reading Goals is to expand my genres and that generally means new authors. So far, I’ve had really great outcomes. Jo Watson is a new to me author who I gave five stars for her romantic comedy, Almost a Bride. It was outstanding. Blake Crouch’s sci-fi mystery, Dark Matter was another win for me, enough for me to read more of his work. Carla Buckley’s The Good Goodbye was a provocative contemporary fiction and I liked her storytelling style. These are just a few… Read more »

Thanks for the recs! I’ve been thinking about picking up DARK MATTER!


I have tried devon monk, linsey hall, judy teel, jasmine walt, ruby dixon, ivy smoak, s e smith, terey bolryder, marissa meyer, leigh bardugo, ann aguirre, kimberly frost, katir reus….some I was happy with and others I’ll pass on

Under the Covers Book Blog

Oh some new ones there! Yeah, I think it’s good to TRY 🙂


I’m attracted by plots and tropes that I know I usually like. If I find a plot that sounds good, I’ll try the book regardless of whether I know the author. Unless the writing/editing is bad, it usually works out okay. Just this month so far, I’ve tried 3 new-to-me authors and loved all of their books, specifically Adriana Anders (Under Her Skin), Jeannie Lin (The Lotus Palace), and Stacey Lynn (His To Protect). Last month, I tried 7 new authors. I’m also trying to mix it up by reading at least one or two nonfiction books each month.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Oh nice! You’re doing so good!!


Recently I have tried Gini Koch, Demelza Carlton and Lisa Lace. I am attracted to new authors in a variety of ways. I am also trying to not read all romance books. I have a lot of non-romance genre books on my TBR and I aim to read more of those this year. I also find this helps with not feeling like my reading choices are becoming stale.

Under the Covers Book Blog

I completely agree with that

Sophia Rose

I tended to be the type who would have a book catch my eye, love it, then read all that author wrote before moving on and doing that again. It’s only been recently that I’ll sample several new to me authors, keeping some and not going back for others. I think it was when I started reviewing and accepting requests for reviews that I changed.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Yes, that’s definitely changed all our reading ways hasn’t it? LOL Sometimes not for the better.


I have a huge list within the paranormal genre that I still want to read. That said, there are a couple of books that have popped up on my radar just from other bloggers. I say that, but they are still on my TBR… I will get to those. I always get to a point every couple of months where I just can’t take another werewolf, then I will take a break for a book. But then I miss my weres and vamps and dive back into my usual life!

Under the Covers Book Blog

LOL yes I understand that. I have to switch up genres from book to book or I get them all confused!


Thanks to the Roundabout challenge I’ve loved Shelly Laurenston’s Call of Crows series and Bec McMaster’s Steampunk. I’d always avoided anything non-Contemporary with Romantic Suspense being my fav. Now I’ve found all kinds of other authors. As for other new authors; Piper J Drake, Joanna Shupe, Leslie Jones, S Doyle, Katie Ruggle and Kat Martin have been some of my favourite discoveries this year.

Amy R

In 2016 I’ve gotten on a PNR kick reading a lot of older established series BDB, Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson and Thirds series that were new to me. I also tried and enjoyed NR Walker, Cherrie Lynn, Lani Lynn Vale, Suzanne Wright, LA Fiore, Elizabeth Hunter, Brynn Greenwood, Lara Adrian, Cecy Robson, Faith Hunter and Amy Harmon. I’m still trying to find new authors, series or a stand alone that’ll suck me in.