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The First Romance That Made Me Cry


broken dirty tempted
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So I was recently discussing first loves in books.  Meaning what book first started my reading addiction.  And that topic brought to the forefront a book (or maybe more an author) that broke me.  See, in all my years reading I don’t think I was much a crier.  I might’ve teared up here and there a few times but I thought I was made of thicker stuff.  Until I picked up BROKEN by Megan Hart.

I talked about this book being the first contemporary that made me explore the genre.  It was my first contemporary romance in a sea of paranormal.  And it was erotic at that!  I was out of my common element because I didn’t think that genre was much for me.  But BROKEN was so different.  It’s not a traditional romance.  There’s nothing cookie cutter about this book.  The romance is not what you would expect.  You have a woman falling for her very successful friend, whom she shares lunches with and listens to his sexcapades.  But not everything is as simple as acting on her impulses to take that wild ride he’s offering.  She’s married, even though her husband is not more than a vegetable.

Talk about ugly crying!  This book tore my heart out.  It’s all about how real it felt, how unfair life could be.  Why couldn’t there be an easy and simple way out.  And easy happy ending in sight.  Don’t worry, there is an HEA.  But this was such a roller coaster ride that all the tears I shed left me addicted.

My review of Broken

So like a glutton for punishment I picked up DIRTY by Megan Hart next.  And I thought, oh this one is more playful and it doesn’t carry that heavy subject matter as the first so I should be in the clear.  The story was still addictive and little by little I found myself engrossed again.  And yes, you got it.  The tears came.  Because there’s nothing but emotion that comes out of Dan and Elle.  And I wanted to roll around in it and let it rip my heart out.

Annie’s review of Dirty

After that crazy roller coaster, I graduated to the big leagues.  Meaning I met the fucked up man of my dreams aka Alex Kennedy from TEMPTED by Megan Hart.  See a pattern here?  I had to devour her whole backlist as fast as humanly possible!  And once I met Alex Kennedy nothing could compare, he is still one of my all time favorite heroes!!!!  TEMPTED is, to this day, one of my favorite contemporary romances!  And what I had to say in my review?

“So if you are ready to be completely turned upside down, ready to fall in love with the most perfect man you’ll ever meet, and ready to have your world rocked, then you have to pick up this book!” ~ Under the Covers

My review of Tempted

There have been many books that have broken my heart since.  Great authors that do it SO well!  I can probably tell you a moment in time of where I was while reading each and every single one of these books.  And what I was doing while the tears started coming down.  Those moments are etched in my mind.  And that’s all a testament to how great these authors can make the story.  Like Kim Holden (Bright Side), Madeline Sheehan (Undeniable), Katherine Allred (The Sweet Gum Tree), Taylor Jenkins Reid (every book she writes!), John Green (The Fault in Our Stars), J.R. Ward (The Shadows), Stacia Kane (City of Ghosts), Colleen Hoover (Hopeless), Lauren Dane (Second Chances), Carrie Lofty (His Very Own Girl), Lisa Kleypas (Dream Lake), Kallypso Masters (Nobody’s Hero) among many others.  (Reviews for all these books are posted on the blog if you want to search for them)

See a pattern here?  Broken popped my cherry in many more ways than just reading contemporary romance or embracing erotic romance.  It showed me that I crave books with that much raw emotion that dig in and force you to feel so deep that there’s no stopping those tears from falling.  I admit it’s not easy to do.  You won’t find me crying over the littlest thing in books.  But when I find something that gets me to where these books have before?  They stay with me forever.


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So what was yours?  
The first book or romance that made you cry?



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Chele' Walker

The first romance novel that made me cry was Message in a bottle by Nicholas Sparks….it was really embarrassing boo hoo crying too, lol. I just wasn’t expecting the ending!!
Anywhoo….thanks for the chance and you have lovely book covers ♡

April Alvey

The first book that made me cry would be gone with the wind by Margret Mitchell


The first book that me me cry was Bright side by Kim Holden


I can no longer remember the first book that made me cry, as I’ve been reading contemporary romance since I could read. But I have to agree with Megan Hart’s books. Dirty is my favorite. I didn’t have a blog yet when I read it, but I loved that book. ☺


I read romance novels for a while now and honestly I can’t remember which one made me cry first. But I can tell you that every book which made me cry and frre something is also a good book.

Sue G.

I don’t remember my first book but the most recent one that made me ugly cry was K. Bromberg’s Slow Burn. About the last third of book you need the whole box of kleenex!


I think Charlotte’s Web is the first book that made me cry, the only romance that I remember making me cry was Cowgirl Up And Ride by Lorelei James


As some of the other commenters said, I can’t remember the first book and romance that made me cry. I’ll say this, a book that has made me cry is those anthologies telling children’s flight. And I agree with chele’ walker about Nicholas Sparks.


Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson,literally, I cried the whole time while I was reading,it has HEA 🙂
I avoid to read sad books, because later I feel sad.
I heard and read great things about Megan Hart books,your reviews are great,I plan to to read these books 🙂

Amy R

I don’t remember the first book to make me cry but I remembering reading First Sight by Nicholas Sparks and deciding his endings sucked and I was gonna stop reading his books.

Yanina Noelia Amanto

Thanks for the International giveaway 🙂


The first book to make me cry was a summer to die by lois lowry


I don’t think I’ve cried yet for a book (I’m sure I would remember if I had).

Texas Book Lover

I don’t remember the first one to make cry but I think Slammed by Colleen Hoover was my first Ugly Cry. I still love it and POR.

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

First off, Hi Fran !!! I rarely cry while reading a book. I mean it’s gotta be a truly angtsy hardcore book for me to shed a tear. And i’m not coming up with any off the top of my head at this point…and thats bugging me, cause you should remember “those” books. Does it count if i cry at the ending of the books series ? The last book book and series ending book of Richelle Mead’s Succubus Revealed i did bawl like a baby. Between the series ending and A PERFECT ENDING i did cry like a big… Read more »


I’ve been reading romance since I was a teenager, there is no way to tell who made me cry first but it was probably a Danielle Steele novel. I’ll tell you I ugly cried on When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan. Didn’t realize at the time the HEA was in the next book. But if you ask my daughter it doesn’t take much to make me cry…she’s seen me watch to many dramas lol (ex: Grey’s Anatomy) I haven’t read Megan Hart. I’ll have to check these out.

Diana Doan

Slammed by Colleen Hoover!