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The Black Dagger Brotherhood Edition

We can’t let the  new Black Dagger Brotherhood release The Shadows come without commemorating it somehow, so how better to celebrate than giving you all a snapshot into the cray cray mind of a romance blogger before and after reading her most anticipated read of the whole damn year? So here is a warning to you, expect tears, tantrums and lots and lots of tea.

Before Reading

Due to work commitments, which won’t allow me to stay up till midnight and stare at my kindle till The Shadows arrive I have had to delay reading. Delay. Reading. For two whole days. That’s right. Two. Days. I know there is a lot of dramatic pausing going on, but. Delay. Two. Days. Two days where EVERYONE but me is going to know what is happening within the Black Dagger Brotherhood, whilst all I can do is pick up parts of gossip from social media, like a dog at the back door waiting for scraps when all it does is leave you hungrier for more.

What’s happening with Trez? With iAm? And more importantly with my precious hellrens Wrath and Xcor? Why does Annie and Fran keep texting me with “Oh the feeels! The feels!” Then sobbing emoticon faces!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING? Why are they torturing me like this? What are they feeling? Why are they crying? Must they tease me with all their hints? All I have are questions and not an answer in sight.

Two. Days.

It feels like a life time.

After Reading


I think I need another minute and another box of Kleenex.

Just wow.

When they said “Oh the feeeels!”, my tear streaked face and pile of discarded tissues lays testament to me knowing exactly what they mean. I think I may need more time. I also think J.R. Ward broke my eyes, they can’t seem to stop leaking. I..just..the feeeeels!

Normally Ward manages to blow me away with the amount of emotion she packs in, and this certainly isn’t the first time I have cried during and after reading one of her books, but The Shadows? It’s on a whole new level. A level which means my face keeps leaking. I need a cup (maybe a bucket) of tea and an injection of good ol’ English stoicism. But I am not sure I can keep calm and carry on. I think I need another minute (and cup of tea)

Of all my jumbled thoughts and feelings towards The Shadows, the two things I keep thinking are:

ONE – She did the right thing, as much as it breaks my heart, some times life just…doesn’t go the way you pray it will.

TWO – She isn’t going to be popular for this decision, but than again if you are reading BDB for some fun, mindless escapism, than I ask…have you not read the previous books? Ward never makes it easy, it certainly isn’t mindless and I admit I escape so much into BDB that I believe I have cried at every single installment.

I am still reeling over this book and I will be thinking about it for some time to come…and don’t you just love a read that can storm its way into your heart and mind? This is the kind of book that makes me loving reading so much in the first place.

What are your thoughts?

PS: Watch our Facebook page this weekend for a BDB giveaway!


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Pansy Petal

Very nice review. Now, I need to go read this. I, too, have had other obligations, but . . . Well, I need to go read. Thank you.


i felt the same way! I don’t think it would be a popular choice, but so true to life. I sobbed through the whole end of the book! I will have to reread as I don’t think the ending sunk in.

Amy R

Haven’t read this series yet.