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It’s time to crack out the Christmas films…if you haven’t already. It’s almost impossible to go through the festive season without catching a glimpse of one of the many onscreen classics. The films that run every year and it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until you have watched them whilst munching on those chocolates you swear you weren’t going to open until the big day. But, it isn’t just the films. It’s the Christmas specials. As a resident of the UK there are a few programmes that I have to watch every year, it isn’t quite the same with out them.

In general though, I am not big TV watcher…my hands start to get itchy for my kindle whenever I get a chance to sit still for 5 minutes. So, I thought I would pair all the Christmas TV I love, whether it be film of TV with a book. The book won’t necessarily be a seasonal read, but it will share characteristics with its onscreen partner.

The Doctor Who Special + Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson

I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. I love it. It has everything I love in a TV programme. Characters that I fall in love with, be they the latest iteration of the Doctor or his companions, all of whom are strong and resourceful. I love how Doctor Who portrays such strong female characters. It also has a sci fi element with imaginative story lines that have provoked me into laughter and tears on more than one occasion. It can also surprise you with hidden depth and even some darkness…which isn’t usual for a TV programme supposedly for children. Now, we can all sit and laugh at the somewhat dodgy CGI – it wouldn’t be Doctor Who without it – but it’s a well written programme with a long history of excellence and imagination. As you can tell I adore it.

So every year I look forward to the Doctor Who special, what new alien disaster will befall London this time? Well I can find out on BBC One on New Years day!

But, what book would I say mirrors my beloved Doctor Who? The first book that popped into my head was Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson. What brought it to  mind was Criminy Stain, the hero of the book. It was Criminy’s street smarts and resourcefulness that put me in mind of the Doctor. No matter where he was, he seemed to know what to do and has a trick up his sleeve to ensure he remains on top. Very Doctor like qualities. There is also a darkness to him despite his flamboyance that also brought the Doctor to mind. Can he travel through time and space? No. Can he somehow summon a woman from another dimension yes.

[new-release title =”Wicked as they Come” author=”Delilah S. Dawson”]

Miracle on 34th Street + Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Which one do you prefer? The 1947 version or the 1994. Personally I will watch either one and sometimes even both. For me this story embodies all the good things about Christmas. Being generous and kind, the importance of family and friends and a tiny touch of magic and wonder. Every time I watch it, I get all those good feels and I know I am ready to kick of Christmas with a ridiculously big smile on my face.

So, when I was thinking of a good book equivalent for Miracle on 34th Street I had a few options pop up: Golden Trail by Kristen Ashley as the matchmaking by the adorable teen couple was slightly reminiscent of Kris Kringle and Susan Walker’s attempt to play matchmaker. Then there was Worth it All by Claudia Connor who is an independent single mother who is resistant to let a man enter her life, much like Mrs Walker. But, the book I settled on was Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds. It’s such a cute story, featuring a single mother, a sexy alpha male and a really cute little girl. It’s not an exact replication of the Miracle on 34th Street plot, in fact it’s completely different. However, I get the same warm fuzzies after reading Until Jax that I do after watching Miracle on 34th Street.

[new-release title =”Until Jax” author=”Aurora Rose Reynolds”]

An Agatha Christie Murder Mystery + The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick 

Click above to buy the DVD or stream on Amazon Prime!

It isn’t Christmas until I am snuggled with my mountain of chocolate and watching a bit of murder. For the last few years there have been some excellent Agatha Christie adaptions on the BBC over Christmas and New Year. And Then There Were None a few years ago is a particular stand out for me and not only because Aidan Turner is beautifully topless in one memorable scene. It was suspenseful, full of surprises (for those, like me, who haven’t read the book) and had some difficult and heartbreaking scenes. Needless to say I was riveted. In 2017 the BBC released Ordeal by Innocence another adaption of her work which had me and my family guessing all the way through. And even if you’ve read the book you may be in for a surprise as, from what I understand, it isn’t completely faithful to the book. This year, the BBC are adapting The ABC Murders and I can’t wait to watch it.

There’s always the easy option here, you could read an Agatha Christie novel. This is something that I have been meaning to do for years, as although I enjoy the adaptions, I have never read one of her books. Maybe 2019 will be my year! But, I want to recommend a book that I have actually read and although I love a number of mystery novels, Amanda Quick’s book The Girl Who Knew Too Much sprung to mind. This has a lot to do with the time in which it is set: the 1940s. Also, from what I have watched an Agatha Christie novel is normally set in a small area, for example all the suspects are in the same house and it’s a case of narrowing them down. In The Girl Who Knew Too Much it is set in a hotel in a small town and so has that same “enclosed” feel where everyone is a suspect. It’s a great romantic mystery and the beginning of the Burning Cove series. Although each book in the series can be read as a standalone, so you can go wild and start with any of the books released in this series, my personal favourite is The Other Lady Vanishes.

P.S. For any fellow Doctor Who fans, have you seen the episode that features Agatha Christie? LOVED IT!

[new-release title =”The Girl Who Knew Too Much” author=”Amanda Quick”]


What are you planning to watch this Christmas?


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I find a tiny similarities between main characters of the movie The Proposal and book 2 weeks notice by whitney g.

Tina R

I usually notice many things that are different or missing in Tv movies compared to the books. The Nora Roberts books that were made into movies definitely had a difference between them.


I’d pick the Christmas musical episode of COMMUNITY and Tara Lain’s MISTLETOWED…both have lovable, somewhat offbeat characters, and there’s a pollen trope to both (sex in the book, Christmas glee club in the show).


I guess you could pair a ghost hunter mystery by victoria laurie with any of the ghost hunting show on now.

John Smith

“Leave a comment on our post and tell us one tv/book pairing you can think of!” “Supernatural”/”Trolls” by Brian Pilkington.

Diane Sallans

Masterpiece Theater does a lot of shows based on books, particularly the British mysteries like Agatha Chrisities.

Nina T

Book Going Down on One Knee by Christina Hovland reminded me a lot of 27 Dresses movie.
For example:
-heroine in love with a coworker [check]
-heroine’s sister gets to marry said coworker [check]
-heroine sort of plans her sister’s wedding [check]
-heroine and the other wedding planner (well in the movie he was a journalist but he helps too) are always arguing but there’s sexual tension underneath [check]
-heroine’s sister ruins make some changes to the wedding dress that is family heirloom [check]
-heroine likes to organize [check]

But I did love the book though!

Sophia Rose

I thought a recent sci-fi I read, Salvage Rat, felt a lot like a mix of Star Trek and Firefly. Great idea, Suzanne!


This isn’t a great example, but the TV show The Mentalist and the book, Silent in the Grave. The heroes in both are cynical and quick to spot a charlatan.

Kathy Valentine

Awesome post suzanne! Loved the match ups! Shared on all my socials!!??

Amy R

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET + UNTIL JAX BY AURORA ROSE REYNOLDS – I like this match and I prefer the 1947 version but I’ll watch either.


Great post Suzanne


This took me awhile to think of something, but my husband turned on Major League (1989 movie). I considered a Voodoo book, but decided to go with one of Jade Lee’s Locker Room Diaries books – specifically Hitting It (since the Voodoo practitioner is one of many character who have hit homers. 😉


can’t think of any

Janie McGaugh

I can’t think of any matches off the top of my head.


I can’t think of any matches

Laura Lovjoy Brunk

Im no a huge TV watcher and i really NOT a fan of Christmas ( or other holiday ) books, movies or TV series specials, etc. They are all tooooooo sweet and just fake ish if that makes since. I would love to see the new Agatha Christie movies that some networks are airing. I think it’s awesome those mysteries are having a huge come back. And im currently watching Charlene Harris’s Midnight Texas series on TV which is ok, would have been so much better on a network like HBO, etc,

Dawn M. Roberto

great post and I like the pairings.

Madison Eddings

This is tough… Dr. Who has always made me think of an adult-ish version of The Phantom Toll Booth

Misty S

I e never been good at pairing books with other forms of media. Thank you for the chance

Chris Alexander

Sons of Anarchy and TACK by Kristen Ashley. If I recall correctly, I started SOA because of Tack and the similarities people talked about.

The Brave was just one great season, but it pairs wonderfully with Kaylea Cross’ Titanium series and you could include her HRT series, too.

Tammy V

Bill Alive’s Empath Detective Series with Psych. The series solves mysteries with humor and the teaming up is a bit similar although reversed.


Buffy and Spike.

Jennifer Beyer

I loved the Agatha Christie episode of Dr. Who. It was beautifully done. I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan.


The Walking Dead tv series with The Becoming by Jessica Meigs

Artemis Giote

Anarchy Series by JA Huss with X – Men.
Awesome post!!!


I can`t think of any right now.


The Duke of kisses by Darcy Burk and Movie Trainwreck.

Suzana T.

I’m fan of Fast and Furious movies so recently I read one book that reminds me of that I think it was Pedal to the Metal by Stephanie Nichole; Nora Roberts books turned into movies and books


Can’t think of any. My head is fuzzy from my cold. Sorry.