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I love all kinds of heroines, but there are some I can relate to more than others. The heroines with the type of body that can rock a body con dress without looking like a poorly stuffed sausage or worry that if they put a thong on that it may be lost forever? They are who I aspire to be. Who I actually relate to are the heroines with some extra curves, lumps and bumps. And, although I am very much for body positivity and appreciating females of all shapes and sizes…those heroines who have a wobble of insecurity or worry that their bingo wings may actually lift them off the ground, I have a special place in my heart for them. Keep on reading to see what books make our must read plus size romance novels list.

Makenzie Mayfair
from Making Changes by Lila Rose
#1 Making series

I’ve discovered Lila Rose books very recently when someone recommended them to me. I wanted something to make me laugh and was easy reading that I could have fun with. Which describes Making Changes perfectly. Much like the heroines’ curves this book was overblown with the edge of ridiculous. But, damn, it was a lot of fun. Makenzie is a delightful heroine who made me laugh out loud so many times that I had to resort to only reading the book in private.

[new-release title=”Making Changes” author=”Lila Rose”]

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Ivy Wilde
from The Lazy Girls Guide to Magic series by Helen Harper

Ivy Wilde is my kind of heroine. Some may call her lazy, I like to call it super efficient. She’s a witch with brains and power…just not that much motivation to use either commodities. Instead she takes life as it comes, enjoying snuggling on the sofa with some biscuits and her favourite show, with her foul mouthed cat lurking in the background. As I said, she’s my kind of girl.

[new-release title=”Slouch Witch” author=”Helen Harper”]

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Zoe O’Shea
from Perfection by R.L. Mathewson
#2 Neighbor from Hell series

My taste veers towards comedy rather than angst. So here’s another book that had me laughing out loud at the characters antics. I’ve reread this book so many times and I still laugh in exactly the same places. But, as well as being funny this book is so sweet. Zoe, our heroine, starts off as a bit timid but her confidence soon grows as the book goes on and she really lets her smart ass personality out to play. Meanwhile, our hero is kind of oblivious to the fact he’s falling in love and we, as the reader, get to relax back and watch it all happen.

[new-release title=”Perfection” author=”R.L. Mathewson”]

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from Man Hands by Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby
#1 Man Hands series

Man Hands is a book you pick up when you want something fun, something delicious, something that will leave you with a huge grin on your face. It’s a fantastic feel-good romantic comedy featuring two characters who have been unlucky in love crashing into one another.

[new-release title=”Man Hands” author=”Sarina Bowen”]

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from Claimed by an Alien by Tiffany Roberts

Aliens are my kink. I love them. With horns, with tails, with extra limbs, with scales or fur, with green or blue or grey skin, I’m equal opportunity, I love them all. Tiffany Roberts has now paired my love with aliens (in this case, check on the extra limbs, green skin and scales) with my love of a curvy heroine. This was a forced proximity story, with the hero and heroine stuck in a car together escaping the bad guys. It was smokin’ hot and incredibly sweet and I loved seeing them not just overcoming but appreciating their differences; four arms could come in very useful after all…

[new-release title=”Claimed by an Alien” author=”Tiffany Roberts”]

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Lucy Kavanagh
from Muffin Top by Avery Flynn
#2 The Hartigans series

In a lot of books with curvy heroines, she is shy about her curves. Self conscious in some way and trying to hide them or get them to melt away. What I loved about Lucy is her confidence. She owned her curves. And, even better, she was genuinely a bigger lady. It’s a pet peeve of mine when a “curvy” heroine is a character who has a beautiful hourglass shape aka tits and ass with a flat stomach in between. Lucy was a great character, she was apologetically who she was. It was refreshing to have a heroine like her. The 6’6″ fireman hero also helped with my love for this book as well.

[new-release title=”Muffin Top” author=”Avery Flynn”]

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Joellen Bixby
from Melt For You by J.T. Geissinger
#2 Slow Burn series

I picked this up to complete a challenge in Romanceopoly. I wasn’t expecting much as I picked it for the challenge that entailed having a bad boy hero. I am NOT a fan of the bad boy hero. However, I fell head over heels for this book. I read it in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down. Was it the gorgeous, hilarious and mostly half naked Scotsman hero? Surprisingly…no. It was the hilarious, slightly awkward and super sassy (when in the right company!) heroine. Okay, and maybe the half naked Scotsman helped a little.

[new-release title=”Melt For You” author=”J.T. Geissinger”]

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from Beast by Pepper Pace

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Can I just type that to fill this paragraph? Would it persuade you to give it a try? I really love this book. It combines two things: a curvy heroine and an ugly hero. Although I feel cruel calling my precious Chris ugly, because the man has a beautiful soul and is one of my all time favourite heroes. This is a fantastic read, I loved Ashleigh and how honest she was with herself, I also identified with her struggle with her weight. Normally, I don’t like books where the heroine felt she had to change herself to please people. But, for Ashleigh, although it started that way, it became a journey of self discovery and honesty.

[new-release title=”Beast” author=”Pepper Pace”]

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Miss Penelope Featherington
from Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn
#4 Bridgertons series

This book holds such a special place in my heart. It is pure wish fulfillment for anyone who has had an impossible crush that they can’t quite shake. But, there are plenty of books that have unrequited love miraculously become requited. What makes Romancing Mister Bridgerton stand out is the way Quinn does it. Our hero and heroine, who have known each other for decades finally fall in love…when they get to know one another. As more than just his sister’s plump wallflower best friend. As more than just her best friends kind and handsome older brother. Both the hero and heroine reveal hidden depths as their relationship deepens and destroying their pre-conceived notions about one another. And don’t you just a hero who falls for a heroine when she unmasks her true self?

[new-release title=”Romancing Mister Bridgerton” author=”Julia Quinn”]

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Lady Calpurnia Hartwell
from Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake by Sarah Maclean
#1 Love by Numbers series

This is Sarah Maclean’s debut adult novel and although I love the other books she has brought out since, this book has burrowed it’s way into my heart and made a home. Callie is used to being the bigger (in both age and size), plainer and passive sister. But, with her younger sister’s wedding approaching Callie is prompted to change that. So, she writes a list of scandalous activities; fencing, fighting in a duel or gamble at a gentleman’s club. First on the list though, kissing. I loved the premise of this book. A heroine pushing her boundaries and finding not just love, but self confidence and inner strength along the way. It remains one of my favourite all time books even after all this time, and with every reread I fall in love with Callie just a little bit more.

[new-release title=”Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake” author=”Sarah Maclean”]

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Want more curvy heroines? 

 What are your favorites?

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Yes! Lady Calpurnia!


Penelope is definitely on my list! Katie Macalister has several curvy favorites.

Kathy Valentine

So many fabulous recommendations!!! Ty! Suzanne,will check them out!! Shared on my socials!??

Sophia Rose

I’ve only read a couple of those, but yes, fun picks and yay for the curvy heroines.


Romancing Mister Bridgerton and Melt For You

Amy R

I really like Zoe O’Shea and I’ve never really kept track of who was curvy or not.