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On this Memorial Day, we want to thank the men and women of the military that year after year and day after day give their life to protect us so that we can continue living a normal and unassuming life.  And what better way to do that then to try and walk a day in their shoes by reading a good military romance?  Here are some of our recs!

I am not really a big fan of romantic suspense, which seems to be where any military romance’s live, so I had to do a little twisting and turning to get the books I know to contort into this category. But, don’t let that put you off, if you are fan of books that are slightly off kilter and don’t conform quite to what you may expect, then you should love my recommendations!

againstthedark Off the Edge

The Associate series by Carolyn Crane

The Associates are an organisation – mainly made up of ex-military (see how I squeezed that in there!)- that keeps the world from blowing itself up and kicking bad guy’s asses. Each agent has unique specialties, I never thought a hero would make logistics sound sexy, that help them combat their enemy. If Carolyn Crane is a new author to you, you have to try these books out, she writes some of the most unique romances, with complex and original characters and some fantastic ideas, I highly recommend it!

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Claimed Hunted Sought Found
Revealed Pursued Exiled Shadowed
Chained divided

Brides of Kindred by Evangeline Anderson

That’s right I am introducing alien’s to the mix! I can’t resist, they are my weakness. If you love your heroes both incredibly adorable and incredibly alpha, then roll up! All the Kindred males are warriors (my military connection!) with the big sexy bodies to prove it, but once they find their female all that intensity and focus goes on to pleasing their woman *cue sighs here*. I love this series, it is in no way perfect, but I just really enjoy the romances and leering at the heroes, not to mention that Evangeline Anderson can write some incredibly hot sex scenes! If you want to try out something sexy and sweet with a twist of sci-fi, this is the series for you!

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Show-No-Mercy Take-No-Prisoners Whisper-No-Lies Feel-the-Heat
Risk-No-Secrets leavenotrace withnoremorse Last-Man-Standing

When I think of military romances, two names pop into my head. Cindy Gerard is the first. Her Black Ops series is one of my all-time Romantic Suspense series. Action-packed with intense emotions, you can be sure that you’ll become as obsessed with these heroes as much as I was. One-Eyed Jacks is the spin-off too this series and again, it’s another one that will hook you right in.

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Extreme-Exposure Hard-Evidence Unlawful-Contact Naked-Edge
Breaking-Point Skin-Deep First-Strike striking-distance

The other author is Pamela Clare whose I-Team series is one of my old favorites. While not all of the books are military heroes, there are still worth checking out. I find that the earlier books in the series are something special as they tug on reader’s heartstrings while also giving you the ride of your life. With these recommendations, I just wanted to salute the soldiers of past and present and wish everyone and Happy Memorial Day.

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Riding-the-Storm Unleashing-the-Storm Seduced-by-the-Storm Taming-the-Fire
Tempting-the-Fire Taken-by-Fire

ACRO series by Sydney Croft

Because I love this series and I feel it doesn’t get enough love, I’m giving you ACRO.  I guess it’s sort of related to military in a paranormal way.  And with the X-Men movie in theatres, nothing better than to curl up with some sexy, sexy men and women that have some amazing superpowers and are out to save the world, one storm and one bad guy at a time!

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Reading on the Dark Side: ACRO Series Feature


Wild-Card maverick heatseeker blackjack
renegade Live-Wire

Elite Ops series by Lora Leigh

I read this series many moons ago but it’s still one of the ones where I can recall every book, every hero and operative in the Elite Ops team.  I remember my anticipation at the final book, LIVE WIRE, because I couldn’t wait for those two to get together.  But in all honesty, there was something special about each one of the books in this series.  And I do get upset to see the new covers they’ve gotten so I’m sticking with the old covers for this post because they were just HAWT and maybe one of the reasons I picked up a Lora Leigh book to begin with.  Believe me, you won’t be sorry you pick them up!

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Primal_law final cover Black-Magic Savage-Awakening Black-Moon
Hunter's-Heart coles-redemption

ALPHA Pack series by J.D. Tyler

I’ll give you a bonus rec.  Because I don’t think shifters should be left behind!  The Alpha Pack series is an ex-military group of men that were turned into shifters during battle.  Now they run a paranormal military control group.  When things that go bump in the night get out of line, they are the ones called in to put them back in place.  What I love about them is that not only are they shifters, they each have a psychic ability as well.  I don’t think it can get better than that!

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Because-of-You anything-for-you Until-There-Was-You I'll Be home for Christmas
Back to You All for You Scott_itsalwaysbeen_ebook

When someone mentions Military Romance the first that pops in my head are Jessica Scott’s books from her Coming Home series.  All her books are not only of the war but the aftermath stories.  They are all very romantic, emotional, heartwarming and very realistic.  If you’re looking for good Military Romance, I would highly recommend starting with Because of You which is the first installment of her Coming Home series.  Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

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What’s YOUR favorite military romance?

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I love Lora Leigh’s Tempting Seals and Elite Ops series….Thanks for the recommendations!

This list is great! I need to get back to the ACRO series. I think I only have 2 left to read.


Loved gerard’s and clare’s books and thanks for the aliens!