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A few weeks ago I posted my reading resolutions for the year, which included my graphs and stats for 2018.  I had requests for showing how I keep track of my reading digitally after that, and I’ve had some requests for this since last year when I’ve given some glimpses of it on social media as well.  So it took a little bit of time but I’ve finally done a little walk through of how I keep track of what I read and what I own digitally.  Yes, GoodReads has been a service I rely on for years.  But other than the read, to read and currently reading shelves I don’t really use it for a ton more.  And I also find that it doesn’t break down my data the way I want to see it to improve my reading experience year after year.  I’m a stats person and that’s how I try to work on my goals to read books that I’ll end up enjoying more.

So without further delay, here’s my comprehensive walk through of two different things I’ve tried for both my reading log and my book inventory.


Some of the links I mentioned in the video –

Note: I forgot to mention that AirTable can give you graphs on the information you have, and that’s where the graphs on my resolutions post came from.  But please be advised that the graphs are part of the “Blocks” function on AirTable and not included in the free version of the service.

Sign up for Libib

Google Spreadsheet Template

Sign Up for AirTable

AirTable Reading Log Template
with Linked Records
without Linked Records

AirTable Book Inventory Template

Export your GoodReads Books

Export Libib Data

Export Kindle List

Export Audible List


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Yay! Thank you for doing this.

kathy valentine

awesome job francesca!!! this video was very informative!!! ty! so much! shared on my socials!!

Sophia Rose

Oh my! This was really helpful, Francesca. I do lean heavy on GoodReads, my written journal, and my Excel spreadsheet. You’ve given me a lot more option and what all we can track.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Glad to hear that! 🙂


Thank you Francesca!!

Amy R

Thanks for sharing.


This makes my spreadsheet loving heart SO HAPPY!!!! Thank you <3


Also, that original spreadsheet that you were using came from It’s All About Books. I was also using that one, although I tweaked it for my personal preferences.