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I’ve had so many of you ask for a planner update and to see more of my bookish/reading journal when I show it on social media.  So here’s a quick flip thru of previous years reading journals and the bullet journal I’m currently using for recording my reading.




Clever Fox Planner is graciously giving away


Open where Amazon ships


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IP Scrap

Thanks for the giveaway. I’m not using any planner, just my memory ☺️


I don’t but I want to! Thank you Francesca!


I use Bloom Daily Planners at the moment. Last year, I used one from Michael’s, but I don’t know the brand.

Nicole W

I don’t really use a “journal” but more of a notebook. I do a lot of ARC reading and I list the books, where I receive them through, date of release and where I reviewed them

Chris Alexander

I currently use an Erin Condren life planner as my planner. I have a Hobonichi Weeks for my son. That is keeping me from buying one for myself. hehe I did try to use a Yellow Paperhouse insert for book reviews, but I stopped some time at the end of last year in keeping up. I do keep a release calendar in my traveler’s notebook. I am keeping a tracker on Google Sheets as well as using GR. I do want to keep a paper journal, but I get overwhelmed. I’ll have to figure out what I want to do.


Great giveaway.

E. R.

I’ve been debating what planner I’ll be using for my book log/journal. My current one works for me right now, but next year is a different matter. This kind of journal is an option for me.


I don’t use a journal but I enjoy seeing how other people use theirs.



Amy R

No, I don’t currently use a planner just my google calendar.


I used to years ago & then stopped but it’s something I need to do again. Love these journals. Thanks for the opportunity.

Nicole W

I use a notebook and update it! I had to add stickynote tabs to make sure I post on amazon on release dates!

Nicole W

I have to use something or something gets overlooked! I use a notebook with sticky notes 🙂


Many years ago several friends and I shared our books. At that time, I kept up with my reading using a spiral bound notebook. Very much enjoyed seeing how you keep track of your reading.

Marika Weber

I need one of these very much. I have never been able to keep up with all the books that I have read. Thanks for the chance.


I use a Plum Paper planner! I’ve got one customized as a “media log” where I keep up with books, movies and TV shows.


I haven’t gotten the hang of using planners yet. But I’ve gotten one of those non dated ones to try and learn how to use them, because I think it would be of great help in organizing my days better. Lol Cause I am such a hot mess, when it comes to schedules and planning… ?❤?

Lilah Chavez

Yes, a family planner … ???

Nicole W

I would love to switch up my current method of my notebook/sticky notes! I feel I get somewhat lost at times 😉

Nicole W

using a notebook and sticky notes!

Nicole W

Yes…I use a notebook and sticky notes currently…not working perfectly, but works ok 😉

Cassandra D

I use a day planner.