A Beginner's Guide to Reading Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley, or KA as her die-hard fans call her, is a powerhouse in the romance genre. If you’re into swoon-worthy alpha heroes, fierce heroines, and stories that grip your heart, you’re in for a treat. KA’s books are emotional rollercoasters filled with drama, humor, and a sprinkle of suspense. Whether you’re new to her world or a seasoned fan looking for a refresher, this guide will help you navigate the must-reads, the best starting points, and some insider scoop from the queen of romance herself. Buckle up for a fun ride through the Kristen Ashley universe!

Originally posted May 9, 2019. Last updated June 21, 2024

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Listen to our podcast interview with Kristen Ashley where we chat The Woman by the Lake and all her books and series. To watch it instead, click here.

A Beginners Guide to Reading Kristen Ashley

A great place to start is watching our YouTube video – A Beginner’s Guide to Kristen Ashley. While it’s a few years old, you’ll find it gives you a lot all the insights on where you should start with her books and what you can expect from them.

And you can always find more author reading guides here.

YouTube video

Characteristics of a Kristen Ashley book

Kristen Ashley’s books have a few signature traits that make them instantly recognizable:

Alpha Heroes: Her male protagonists are often strong, a bit overbearing, and fiercely protective. They’re the kind of guys who might be annoying in real life but are perfect in a romance novel.

Older Protagonists: Unlike many romance novels, her heroes and heroines are usually in their 30s or 40s, bringing a mature, relatable vibe.

Detailed Descriptions: KA loves painting a vivid picture, from the characters’ clothing to the room decor, immersing you fully in her world.

Lengthy Reads: Her books are on the longer side, often over 500 pages, packed with detailed storytelling and slow-burn romance.

Strong Friendships and Found Family: Both male and female friendships play a significant role, adding depth and a sense of community to her stories. The concept of “found family” is a recurring theme, where characters form close-knit bonds that feel like family.

Stream of Consciousness Writing Style: Her narrative often feels like a direct line to the characters’ thoughts, making the stories feel intimate and personal.

Emotional Depth: Her stories are rich with emotional moments, from heartwarming to heart-wrenching, keeping readers deeply invested.

Are Kristen Ashley’s series interconnected?

Yes, many of Kristen Ashley’s series are interconnected. Characters from one series often make cameo appearances in others, adding depth and continuity. For instance, the Dream Man series and the Avenging Angels series spin off from the Rock Chick series, and you’ll find characters crossing over between the Colorado Mountain, ‘Burg, and Chaos series.

Where Should I Start Reading Kristen Ashley?

For those new to Kristen Ashley, the best places to start are the Rock Chick or Colorado Mountain series.

Rock Chick Series: This is Kristen Ashley (and Francesca’s) recommended place to start. This series offers a fun, fast-paced introduction to KA with strong friendships and alpha heroes.

Colorado Mountain Series: This is Suzanne’s recommended place to start. This series provides a blend of small-town charm and light suspense, with rich, emotional storytelling.

Series Best to Avoid Starting as a Beginner

Alright, newbies, listen up! If you’re just diving into the Kristen Ashley universe, steer clear of starting with the Dream Man and Chaos series. Here’s why:

Dream Man Series: You’ll have more fun if you start with the Rock Chick series first, which this series spins off of.

Avenging Angels: Yet another spin off series from the Rock Chicks.

Chaos Series: This one is like the sequel to the sequel. Make sure you’ve read the Dream Man and Unfinished Hero series first.

Are Kristen Ashley Books Spicy?

Oh, you bet they are! Kristen Ashley’s books definitely bring the heat. Expect plenty of steamy scenes with her signature alpha heroes and strong, passionate heroines. While not all her books have the same level of spice, there’s a good mix of sizzling chemistry and emotional depth throughout her series. From sweet and romantic moments to more intense, erotic encounters, KA knows how to keep things hot and interesting. So, if you’re looking for some spice in your romance, you’re in the right place!

Which of Her Series is Considered Erotic?

Kristen Ashley’s Honey Series is considered her most erotic. It delves deeply into the dynamics of BDSM relationships, featuring intense and passionate connections. The stories focus on strong, complex characters exploring their desires and boundaries within the BDSM world. If you’re looking for something with a higher level of heat, the Honey Series is the place to start.

Should Her Books Be Read in a Particular Order?

Kristen Ashley’s books are best enjoyed in a particular reading order, especially since many of her series are interconnected. This allows readers to fully appreciate the character crossovers and plot nuances. For those diving into her books, following the suggested sequence ensures you don’t miss out on any Easter eggs or references that enrich the reading experience. Below, you’ll find the recommended reading orders for her various series.

Kristen Ashley Reading Order

Contemporary Romance

Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. Rock Chick (Rock Chick, Book 1)
  2. Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick, Book 2)
  3. Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick, Book 3)
  4. Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick, Book 4)
  5. Rock Chick Revenge (Rock Chick, Book 5)
  6. Rock Chick Reckoning (Rock Chick, Book 6)
  7. Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick, Book 7)
  8. Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick, Book 8) Read Breathe (Colorado Mountain, Book 4) before this for full impact
  9. Rock Chick Reawakening (Rock Chick, Book 0.5)
  10. Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick, Book 9)
  11. Rock Chick Rematch (Rock Chick, Book 10)
Colorado Mountain series by Kristen Ashley

Colorado Mountain Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, Book 1)
  2. Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, Book 2)
  3. Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, Book 3)
  4. Breathe (Colorado Mountain, Book 4)
  5. Jagged (Colorado Mountain, Book 5) Read For You (The ‘Burg, Book 1) before this for full experience
  6. Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain, Book 6)
  7. Bounty (Colorado Mountain, Book 7)
Magdalene series by Kristen Ashley

Magdalene Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. The Will (Magdalene, Book 1)
  2. Soaring (Magdalene, Book 2)
  3. The Time in Between (Magdalene, Book 3)
Moonlight and Motor Oil series by Kristen Ashley

Moonlight & Motor Oil Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. The Hookup (Moonlight & Motor Oil, Book 1)
  2. The Slow Burn (Moonlight & Motor Oil, Book 2)
Honey series by Kristen Ashley

Honey Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. The Deep End (Honey, Book 1)
  2. The Farthest Edge (Honey, Book 2)
  3. The Greatest Risk (Honey, Book 3)
Dream Team series by Kristen Ashley

Dream Team Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. Quiet Man (Dream Team, Book 0.5)
  2. Dream Maker (Dream Team, Book 1)
  3. Dream Chaser (Dream Team, Book 2)
  4. Dream Spinner (Dream Team, Book 3)
  5. Dream Keeper (Dream Team, Book 4)
  6. Dream Bites Cookbook (Dream Team Cookbook)
River Rain by Kristen Ashley

River Rain Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. After the Climb (River Rain, Book 1)
  2. Chasing Serenity (River Rain, Book 2)
  3. Taking the Leap (River Rain, Book 3)
  4. Making the Match (River Rain, Book 4)
  5. Fighting the Pull (River Rain, Book 5)
  6. Sharing the Miracle (River Rain, Book 5.5)
  7. Embracing the Change (River Rain, Book 6)
Wild West MC series by Kristen Ashley

The Wild West MC Series:

  1. Still Standing (The Wild West MC, Book 1)
  2. Smoke and Steel (The Wild West MC, Book 2)
Avenging Angels series by Kristen Ashley

Avenging Angels Series:

  1. Avenging Angel (Avenging Angels, Book 1)
  2. Avenging Angel: Back in the Saddle (Avenging Angels, Book 2)

Romantic Suspense / Thrillers

The 'Burg series by Kristen Ashley

The ‘Burg Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. For You (The ‘Burg, Book 1)
  2. At Peace (The ‘Burg, Book 2)
  3. Golden Trail (The ‘Burg, Book 3)
  4. Games of the Heart (The ‘Burg, Book 4)
  5. The Promise (The ‘Burg, Book 5)
  6. Hold On (The ‘Burg, Book 6)
Dream Man series by Kristen Ashley

Dream Man Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. Mystery Man (Dream Man, Book 1)
  2. Wild Man (Dream Man, Book 2)
  3. Law Man (Dream Man, Book 3)
  4. Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, Book 4)
Chaos series by Kristen Ashley

Chaos Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. Own the Wind (Chaos, Book 1)
  2. Fire Inside (Chaos, Book 2)
  3. Every Year (included in A Christmas to Remember anthology) (Chaos, Book 2.5)
  4. Ride Steady (Chaos, Book 3) Read Knight (Unfinished Hero, Book 1) before this for full effect
  5. Walk Through Fire (Chaos, Book 4)
  6. Rough Ride (Chaos, Book 4.5)
  7. Wild Like the Wind (Chaos, Book 5)
  8. Free (Chaos, Book 6)
  9. Wild Fire (Chaos, Book 6.5)
  10. Wild Wind (Chaos, Book 6.6)
Unfinished Hero series by Kristen Ashley

Unfinished Hero Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. Knight (Unfinished Hero, Book 1)
  2. Creed (Unfinished Hero, Book 2)
  3. Raid (Unfinished Hero, Book 3)
  4. Deacon (Unfinished Hero, Book 4)
  5. Sebring (Unfinished Hero, Book 5)
Misted Pines by Kristen Ashley

Misted Pines Series:

  1. The Girl in the Mist (Misted Pines, Book 1)
  2. The Girl in the Woods (Misted Pines, Book 2)
  3. The Woman by the Lake (Misted Pines, Book 3)

Fantasy Romance

Fantasyland series by Kristen Ashley

Fantasyland Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland, Book 1)
  2. The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, Book 2)
  3. Fantastical (Fantasyland, Book 3)
  4. Broken Dove (Fantasyland, Book 4)
  5. Midnight Soul (Fantasyland, Book 5)
  6. Gossamer in the Darkness (Fantasyland, Book 5.5)
The Rising series by Kristen Ashley

The Rising Series:

  1. The Beginning of Everything (The Rising, Book 1)
  2. The Plan Commences (The Rising, Book 2)
  3. The Dawn of the End (The Rising, Book 3)
  4. The Rising (The Rising, Book 4)
The Three by Kristen Ashley

The Three Series (Read our reviews of the series)

  1. Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (The Three, Book 1)
  2. With Everything I Am (The Three, Book 2)
  3. Wild and Free (The Three, Book 3)
Ghosts and Reincarnation by Kristen Ashley

Ghosts and Reincarnation Series:

  1. Sommersgate House (Ghosts and Reincarnation, Book 1)
  2. Lacybourne Manor (Ghosts and Reincarnation, Book 2)
  3. Penmort Castle (Ghosts and Reincarnation, Book 3)
  4. Fairytale Come Alive (Ghosts and Reincarnation, Book 4)
  5. Lucky Stars (Ghosts and Reincarnation, Book 5)
Mathilda Superwitch by Kristen Ashley

Mathilda SuperWitch Series:

  1. Mathilda, SuperWitch: Book of Shadows (Mathilda SuperWitch, Book 1)
  2. Mathilda, SuperWitch: Rise of the Dark Lord (Mathilda SuperWitch, Book 2)
Kristen Ashley Standalones

Standalone Titles

  1. Loose Ends (Anthology) – Review
  2. Three Wishes (Paranormal)
  3. Heaven and Hell
  4. Play It SafeReview
  5. Complicated
  6. Fast LaneReview
  7. Perfect Together
  8. Too Good to Be True

Tour Denver Rock Chick Locations

If you’re a Kristen Ashley fan and visiting Denver, there are several real-life locations that make appearances in her Rock Chick series that you can explore. For a detailed guide, you can download the full Rock Chick Tour PDF from Kristen Ashley’s website here

  • The Hornet – Indy’s bar of choice. Website
  • Beau Jo’s – Indy and Lee’s favorite pizza spot. Website
  • Knightrider Jewelry – Located in Cherry Creek Mall.
  • Liks Ice Cream Parlor – Ally & Indy’s favorite ice cream spot.
  • Hotel Monaco – Where Luke takes Ava for safety.
  • Lincoln’s Road House – Lee and the Hot Bunch hangout.
  • The Mutiny Cafe – The real-life inspiration for Fortnum’s Bookstore.
  • Barolo Grill – Indy and Lee’s first date spot. Website
  • Bonnie Brae Tavern – Hank and Jet’s dinner spot. Website
  • Buckhorn Exchange – Hank and Roxie’s first date. Website
  • Cruise Room, Oxford Hotel – Indy, Jet, and Daisy’s meeting spot. Website
  • LaMar’s Donuts – Best donuts in town. Website
  • Las Delicias – Indy’s go-to for Mexican food. Website
  • My Brother’s Bar – Ally’s workplace.
  • Pearl Street Grill – Mentioned by Indy. Website
  • Stella’s Coffee Haus – Across from Pearl Street Grill.
  • Sushi Den – Indy and Ally’s favorite sushi spot. Website
  • Twin Dragon – Good Chinese food. Website
  • Wax Trax Records – Lee gets Indy gift certificates here. Website

Are There Any Book to Screen Adaptations?

Yes! Kristen Ashley’s novels have made their way to the screen. The Will was adapted into a movie and released on Passionflix in February 2020. Additionally, Three Wishes is currently in production with Passionflix.

Interview with Kristen Ashley

Check out our past interviews with Kristen Ashley for some great insights into her books and writing process. Plus, don’t miss our latest chat with her in the video below – it’s packed with fun stories and exclusive tidbits! Click the links for more KA goodness.

Watch our latest interview with Kristen Ashley

YouTube video

Authors Like Kristen Ashley

If you love Kristen Ashley, you’ll probably enjoy Nalini Singh’s books, where the characters are as rich as a chocolate cake and you can dive into immerse worlds. Susan Elizabeth Phillips brings the laughs and feels with her witty, emotional romances with strong character development. Julie Garwood’s stories mix history and suspense in a way that’ll keep you hooked. Jill Shalvis offers heartwarming stories with plenty of humor and relatable moments, and Lori Foster adds a dash of suspense to her alpha heroes. If you want even more authors like Kristen Ashley, check out our 5 authors you’ll love if you like Kristen Ashley.

We’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite KA series, book, or hero? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts. And don’t forget to explore more Kristen Ashley content here at Under the Covers through the links below. 

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  1. Love K.A. There are some of her series I’m not a fan of and others I’d kill for! Not a Rock Chick fan nor Bourbon nor her erotics but the rest…..oh my goodness! CHAOS, Mountain Men, and all the others!

  2. Great post.as I LOVE KA and she is an autobuy. I would like you to feature Nora Roberts as I’ve only read a few books by her.