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I did it! I took the leap and decided to try out Kindle Unlimited. There has been a lot of controversy regarding whether or not Kindle Unlimited is good for authors and the book industry in general, with both authors and readers taking on both sides. However, I am not going into that although there are some great articles out there if you care to look. Needless to say, I decided to go for it. And, if when I download a new book I feel a little guilty…that’s just the additional price I have to pay on top of my monthly fee for having thousands of books at my fingertips.

So, on to some recommendations! Since I have subscribed to KU I have read some fantastic books that I may not have otherwise picked up. I’ve also spotted books available that I’ve already read and loved and so am going to recommend you try. I’m going to break it down by genre so you can scroll to the type of book you like best!


The reason I even thought of joining KU was because of Mariana Zapata, although not all of her books are part of it, a lot of them are. This includes: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, Under Locke, Dear Aaron, Lingus, Wait For It and her newest release From Lukov With Love. I’ve read all of those books and adore them, especially Wait for It and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. So, if you like a slow burn, friends to lovers romance, all of these standalones are perfect for you.


Now, this list could be looooong. I’ve mostly been utilising my KU subscription to test out any new alien sci fi romances I come across. So, I am probably mentioning books that I may have already recommended or that you’ve seen me review. As their are so many, I am going to name individual authors and not books.

Ruby Dixon is an author I have been in love with for a while. I adore her Ice Planet Barbarians books! And her Corsair series. And her Fireblood Dragons series. And her standalones. Basically everything. Luckily they are all on KU.

Tiffany Roberts – the name of a husband and wife team I have recently fallen in love with. They write fantasy and sci-fi. If you want a sci-fi with a difference check out the Kraken series, it’ll tickle your tentacles! Their fantasy romance series is Isle of the Forgotten, it’s full of magic, love and convicts…it’s not to be missed.

Note: Tiffany Roberts is soon coming off of Kindle Unlimited so if you want to read their books using KU do it soon!

Anna Hackett likes to serve her sci-fi romance with a side of ass kicking. I love her action packed Galactic Gladiators series and I can’t wait to get stuck into her other series.

J.M Link, Kelsey Nicole PriceAmanda Milo and Poppy Rhys have also written some fantastic alien sci-fi romances that have had me glued to my kindle screen.


I don’t generally read much Young Adult, however, there are a few series that I absolutely adore and two of them are on KU. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling must be one of the best known YA series, scratch that, best known series in the world. I certainly love it and have very fond memories of waiting at midnight to purchase each new release from the Goblet of Fire onward. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, or you just haven’t gotten around to reading it then you need to pick it up! Although the films are okay, they can never fully capture the magic present in the books.

Another book to film classic that’s available of KU is the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Like Harry Potter, the films don’t do the books justice. Katniss and co fully come to life under the skilful writing of Collins, so grab a box of kleenex, your favourite drink and sit back and soak up the action packed angst!


I love a good thriller! Especially if it keeps you guessing to the very end. I’ve been lucky enough to have found a few authors that I really like in this genre, who also happen to have their books on KU.

After reading her Morgan Dane series Melinda Leigh has become a favourite author of mine. As much as I love the murder and investigation story line she does a good job of building up her characters and adding in a little romance as well. I haven’t read any of her other series, however, they are on my TBR mountain and I plan on getting to them soon.

Another great series that you don’t want to miss is Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine. This is such a tense and heartrending read! If you want a thriller that’s creepy, nail biting and a little bleak than you need to give this one a try, it’s a compelling read.


Steampunk is a bit of a niche genre, which can make it a little intimidating to get into, after all where do you start? If you’re not sure, I have two great recommendations for you, both of which are KU.

Bec McMaster has some well established and popular Steampunk series for a very good reason. Her books are packed with romance, action and an interesting paranormal twist all set in a steampunk world. The first book (and my favourite!) in her London Steampunk series Kiss of Steel is now on KU. Beware though, not all the books in that series are currently available through KU.

This author, I read the first book in her series the Elders and Welders Chronicles and keep meaning to read the rest of the books. I haven’t done so, but it is on the list! But I highly recommend you give Margaret Foxe a try, once again it is steampunk romance that has a bit of a paranormal twist.

Do any of my recommendations intrigue you?
What are your recommendations?


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Amy R

Part of the reason I started KU was for books by Ruby Dixon.


Some great recommendations suzanne!! Shared on all my socials!!

Sophia Rose

I’ve thought about joining it, but keep putting it off so I’ll read the books I actually own on my virtual and real shelves. I do like the idea of being able to discover new to me authors and try without as much risk to my pocketbook.

Kathy Phelan

I agree. Mariana Zapata, Emma Scott, Ruby Dixon, A.L. Jackson, Adriana Locke, etc. What more could you ask for!!


Contemporary: For the Captain by Jenny Redford.

Historical: A Match for the Marquess by Alexis Pryce


Thanks Suzanne. KU isn’t available for me