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My journey with Kindle Unlimited continues and I have some more recommendations for you. Some of them I have read recently, others are books that I have loved in the past and have now noticed are available on Kindle Unlimited. Others I have chucked in because something about them caught my attention but I haven’t gotten round to reading them. Yet.

Once again, what I have been reading from Kindle Unlimited does tend towards sci-fi alien romance. BUT! Don’t roll your eyes and run away. I have also picked up some contemporary romance and even a little fantasy romance as well.

So lets start with the great contemporary romance I have read this month. Firstly, although I didn’t read these book through Kindle Unlimited, I did notice that Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway’s Rugby series was on there. Including their very recent release The Varlet and the Voyeur.  If you haven’t started this, then you need to give it a go. It’s a kooky and hilarious sports romance series penned by two of my favourite authors.


Next up, I strayed from authors I knew and took a chance with a new author: Natasha Anders. Which is what I love about Kindle Unlimited, it gives me a chance to sample authors without feeling like I am shelling out too much cash. My risk with Anders paid off. I tried the Alpha Men series and although it will never perhaps make any of my favourite lists (they both landed around the 3 star mark for me) it was still enjoyable and I wouldn’t hesitate to read more from her.


Although I haven’t read Claudia Connor through Kindle Unlimited, she is one of my favourite authors of sweet contemporary romance. Especially when I am in the mood for a book with cute kids and almost-perfect heroes. So, when I saw that some of her books were on Kindle Unlimited, including her June release Love at Last I thought I would recommend them. The books available on Kindle Unlimited are: Love at Last, Worth the Wait and Where I Belong.


Now for some fantasy romance. I found these books as I read the authors sci fi romance books and loved them. So I was excited to then go back and read more by her. However, I am a little hesitant about recommending the fantasy romances as I didn’t like them as much as I wanted to. The series were Shadows in Sanctuary by Susan Trombley of which I read the first book Lilith’s Fall and The Breath of the Divine by Susan Trombley of which I read The Princess DragonHonestly I probably won’t read further than I have in these particular series by Susan Trombley, they just weren’t for me.


Now for my sci-fi recommendations! I have continued reading my favourites, including Ruby Dixon, who I mentioned in my previous Kindle Unlimited Recommendations post. Since then she has brought out Veronica’s Dragon, which I loved and definitely recommend. Another author that I’ve read before and who had a new release was Sadie Carter. However, her Zerconian Warriors series isn’t on Kindle Unlimited (although I would recommend it!)  but her new release and the start of a brand new series is. Marcun is the first in the Sky Warriors series. All I am saying is….sexy silver alien with wings. Obviously I loved it!

What I have for you next is an alien series with a twist! V.C. Lancaster’s Office Alien series. Have you ever wanted aliens in your office romances? Honestly, I had never thought about it before this series, now I don’t think I can live with out it.

My next read of the month also has a bit of a twist. The Caveman Aliens series by Calista Skye. It pretty much does what it says on the tin. They are cavemen. They are aliens. The curvy women who end up crashing on their planet have to survive on a brand new world populated by alien dinosaurs. The women meet and fall in love with their alien cave men. It’s cheesy but I love it.

My final recommendation is by Susan Trombley who I mentioned previously. Although I may not have enjoyed her fantasy offerings, I adored her alien sci fi romances. I’m a fan of aliens who are truely alien and that’s exactly what she gives us in the Iriduan Test Subjects and Into the Dead Fall series.

In this section I am going to highlight some older releases that I’ve read and that I noticed were now on Kindle Unlimited.  This is a great opportunity to read, if you haven’t already, some fantastic books which may now have fallen off your radar.

Although Shelly Laurenston wasn’t my first foray into Paranormal Romance with shifters, she must have been one of the first. All the PNR I had read till that point was a little serious, erring on the side of broody. Then in came Laurenston with her Magnus Pack series. BOOM! I was faced with crazy hilarious and just plain crazy characters, some seriously strong female leads and lot of hot lovin’. I haven’t been the same since.


Next up is some historical romance. If you have seen any of my recommendation or top ten posts before you would have seen this author’s name come up. If I had these books in paperback rather than on my kindle they would be all old and well read and in need of replacing by now! Ellen O’Connell is one of my favourite authors and I adore her western historical romances. They take you on an emotional journey with the hero and heroine that still has me shedding a tear when I read. So, I was thrilled when I saw they were available on Kindle Unlimited…it was another opportunity for me to recommend them to people again!

**Please not all her books APART from Dancing on Coals (which is amazing and you should read anyways!are on KU. The book that ARE on KU are below**


Finally on my list the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle. Halle gives us a truely terrifying mix of horror and romance in this series. Not only can you spook yourself with some of the stories and creatures she creates, you also get tangled into one of the most wonderfully frustrating and tempestuous romances. So, when I noticed it was on Kindle Unlimited I knew I had to recommend it. But, please be aware that not all the books are on KU, however, most of them seem to be and this first book is currently $0.99.

No we come to a series that I haven’t read but which I intend to…at some point. Especially as I know Angela from Under the Covers adores this series. The series is Coreene Callahan’s Dragonfury series. I love PNR and am always searching for a new one. And I especially love dragons so I look forward to diving in!

For more recommendations, check out my previous Kindle Unlimited Recommendations!

What are your recommendations?

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I really liked the eit series….aalso, thanks for he sci fi/alien romance recommendations!

Amy R

I love the Penny Reid and LH Cosway series and the Shelly Laurenston books. I’ve started the series by Natasha Anders and still need to read book 3. I really like Ruby Dixon and have read some but still need to catch up on her books. I wasn’t a fan of the Dragonfury series. A recent KU find for me was Beacon Hill Sorcerer series by SJ Himes (M/M PNR).

Kathy Valentine

Awesome recommendations suzanne!! Some i knew and others I will be checking into!! Thanks babe! Shared on all my socials!!


Thanks Suzanne