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It’s time to update you on my KU adventures.  I say adventures because it’s not necessarily all winners and I’m here to talk about it all.  😉  Let’s get started.

Recently Read
Kindle Unlimited

Through my actual KU subscription I didn’t read as much as I wanted.  But still not bad.  I read PUDDLE JUMPING by Amber L. Johnson, which has been on my radar since it released many years ago. I decided to pick it up because I wanted to read more about characters with disabilities and the hero of this story is Autistic.  I liked seeing the way this book made me understand what not only the person with autism is going through, but their family and loved ones around.  However, this is high school aged and it felt a bit immature for my liking in both the writing style and the story.  From my old KU TBR I cleaned up LEGS by Kelly Siskind and it wasn’t quite what I wanted but it’s a laid back type of romcom if you are in the mood for that.  And then on my search for time travel books I tried FALLING FOR THE KNIGHT by Cecelia Mecca.  While this is part of a trilogy about 3 sisters that travel back in time, I didn’t read any of the other stories.  I may go back and do that though.  This was fun and light hearted with a sexy medieval Knight!

There were also some advanced reader copies that I was lucky enough to read and are now available on KU so I’ll still mention them here.  RECKLESS KING by Maya Hughes, this is sports romance (hockey) and a tiny little student/teacher trope to it.  Not my fave in the series, but it is a series I have my eye on and have been enjoying.  DIRTY HEADLINES by L.J. Shen, a standalone with a classic jerk hero, set in the journalism media world and it’s smoking hot!  SOUTHERN CHARMER by Jessica Peterson which features probably the perfect man.  A sexy southern chef with a great body, his own restaurant, an endless supply of delicious meals to spoil the heroine, oh and bearded!  This is a neighbors to lovers story and the heroine is running away from her ex and her life and trying to find her passion.  And last A FERRY OF BONES AND GOLD by Hailey Turner.  This was my biggest surprise because I had no or low expectations. This is a m/m urban fantasy set in New York and it involves mythology, magic, vampires, shifters and everything in between.  Action packed, great romance, I can’t wait for more.

Oldies but Goodies
Kindle Unlimited Recommendations

In this section I am going to highlight some older releases that I’ve read and that I noticed were now on Kindle Unlimited.  This is a great opportunity to read, if you haven’t already, some fantastic books which may now have fallen off your radar.

I have two duets to recommend from the same author.  You already know L.H. Cosway is a favorite author of mine and the Cracks Duet (same couple both books) and the Showmance series (different HEAs each book) are now available on KU.  I recommend both series!

I also found MOON DANCE by J.R. Rain on KU and I read this first book quite some time ago.   I need to get back into the series!  The great thing about this book is it’s urban fantasy with a dash of romance.  I’m excited to read more and it’s a series I would suggest you at least try as well.

On the TBR
Kindle Unlimited 

I went on a spree to pick up KU books even though I still have one or two lingering from what I “borrowed” a few months ago.  Here’s what I added recently.

Recently Read
Audible Romance

Total fail for my in listening on the Romance package but I finally listened to LOVING MR. DANIELS by Brittainy C. Cherry which has been on my TBR for years and I added to the Package when I first signed up.  So even though it’s just one I feel accomplished.  However, it wasn’t exactly right for me.

Oldies But Goodies
Audible Romance Recommendations

Here are some of the books I’ve read before and noticed that are available through Audible Romance.  You should definitely make time to pick them up.

On the TBR
Audible Romance

Much like with Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow 10 audiobooks at a time to add to your library from the package.  I always have 10 selected but here’s a few that are on my TBL and I’ll try to get to soon!

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For more recommendations, check out my previous Kindle Unlimited Adventures!

What are your recommendations?

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I really like hailey edwards necromancer series. I’ve had j r rain on my tbr for a while.


Thanks for the recs Francesca

Sophia Rose

I got the 3-month trial back on Prime Day in July so I’ve been cramming in as many KU books as I could. I saw a few of those you listed, but not others so I was glad to get your list. My personal experience was to read/listen to any on my wish list or recommended list as priority so I’ve mostly enjoyed everything I picked up. I am totally a junkie on Melinda Leigh’s romantic suspenses now. I listened to Scarlet Falls trilogy and now I’m nearly caught up listening to the spin-off Morgan Dane series. I came across… Read more »

Dawn Dalrymple

Folsom and Jackal by Tarryn Fisher, The Surviving trace by Calia Read, and Pestilence by Laura thalassa all KU reads that I loved from this year.

Amy R

The series by Hailey Edwards was really good and I can’t wait for the next release. I need to catch up on the LH Cosway books. I want to read Soulbound series by Hailey Turner. My recent KU reads have been Alexa Riley and The Lazy Witch series by Helen Harper that Suzanne recommend.