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Usually Suzanne chats with you all about her Kindle Unlimited adventures, but we thought we would take turns at it from now on since I’ve taken the plunge and I’m dipping my toes into the KU waters.  This is my second month subscribed to the program so I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on it as time goes on.  The one thing I noticed with it in terms of a service review is that there has to be a break even point to make it worth it.  With a $9.99/month price tag, that break even point can come at around 3-4 books per month.  If you are not reading at least that many, maybe it’s not as great of an option.  That being said, I feel like it gives me the freedom to try an author that I may have been hesitant to spend money on before.  If it doesn’t work out, no hard feelings I simply return that loan and pick up another.  The author still gets paid for the pages I read (at least I think that’s how it works!).  That is the aspect that I find liberating and fun about this and probably what I will most likely use it for.

But I also subscribe to the Audible Romance Package, so in my posts I’ll be talking about that as well.  It basically works much like Kindle Unlimited but for romance audiobooks.  I’ve been using this since they first launched it.  If you are not familiar with it, pricing for this program varies (and information here is for the US, not sure if it’s the same in other countries).  So if you already have an Audible monthly credits membership, the Romance Package is an add on for $6.95/month.  If you don’t have a credits membership you can get the Romance Package as a standalone service for $14.95/month.  That being said, roughly an audiobook will come down to a cost of around $12 on Audible so if you listen to at least 1 audiobook a month through the program, it’s worth it.  Anything more is better.  This is an add on for me so basically my break even point is half an audiobook a month.  Some months I do several, some months I do less.  But it’s definitely very cost effective for me and I don’t see myself not using it in conjunction with my credits membership.

But I’m done with my mini reviews and ramblings, thanks for sticking with me, and now lets get into the recommendations and reading diary.

Recently Read
Kindle Unlimited

When I first got the service I grabbed on loan several books but I only managed to read a few each month.  So not too much to talk about.  The funny thing was the first book I tested the service with was ONE GOOD MAN by Emma Scott.  I say funny because the more I read, the more of a deja vu feeling I would get.  I kept thinking I know what’s going to happen next! but I had no recollection of reading the book, nor had I marked it on my GoodReads.  Well, after finishing I realized this was previously publishing in an anthology and YES I had read the book.  I still enjoyed it as much the second time around and it a fun soccer romance that is completely different than others I’ve read with a great setting and characters.

After that I quickly dived into FRESH CATCH by Kate Canterbary.  I follow the author on social media but I’ve never read her stuff.  Then she posted this awesome teaser for this story and I just had to have it.  Having it on KU was the deciding factor in trying out her writing and I’m glad I did.  A recluse lobsterman and a mogul tech billionaire stranded at his house.  This was a fun summery read and a cute m/m story.

It seems I’m going for short ones for this month!  I’ve been reading Whitney G. for a while now but it seems I’ve fallen a little out of love with her short steamy coffee novellas.  Why, you may ask?  Because they’re very much the same!  I want some variety and I didn’t jump on buying the newest release when it came out.  But when I saw TWO WEEKS NOTICE on KU I picked it up and gave it a quick read.  While it’s not my favorite thing she’s ever written, I did enjoy it more than the last few short ones she’s released and… I knew what I was getting when I picked it up.  So it delivered that fun and sexy office romance with a little jerk-y hero.

And the last one I have to talk about for now is LEO LOVES ARIES by Anyta Sunday.  I’ve seen this series all around social media and I’ll admit, the covers and titles are what drew me to read it.  This is a m/m romantic comedy and there’s an underlying theme of astrology.  I really wanted to like this one but honestly it was a miss for me.  I didn’t like the setup and I also didn’t like one of the main characters.  He was soooo oblivious, pushy, and I just didn’t buy into any of it.  Sadly, I won’t be continuing this series.

Oldies but Goodies
Kindle Unlimited Recommendations

In this section I am going to highlight some older releases that I’ve read and that I noticed were now on Kindle Unlimited.  This is a great opportunity to read, if you haven’t already, some fantastic books which may now have fallen off your radar.

While I’ve only read a few Kennedy Fox books in the past, I noticed that all their releases are on KU.  If you want to start with their latest series which is all about cowboys and family, then start off with TAMING HIM.  This is the first in the Bishop Brothers and there are 3 books currently available.

If you are looking for sports romances, I recently started reading the Harris Brothers series by Amy Daws and enjoyed that.  Get started with CHALLENGE.

How about something paranormal?  There’s the Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright, which kicks off with FERAL SINS.  And one of my favorite standalones, HUNTING SEASON by Shelly Laurenston.  I still hope there could be more from this series.

On the TBR
Kindle Unlimited 

I have only 3 books lined up so far.  I figured I won’t look for more until I get through them because, there’s no point right?  I’ve been hearing about Kelly Siskind for a while now and I wanted to check out her stuff, so I picked up LEGS.  This is the first in the One Wild Wish series and it’s about a woman who has a one night stand on her birthday and then ends up having to compete for her dream job with her one night stand.  Sounds like a fun romantic comedy!

Then I was on the hunt for race car drivers so I picked up REVVED by Samantha Towle.  This will also be my first time trying this author so I’m excited!  Plus it looks really sexy.

My last one is a total whim.  I’ve given up on reading R.S. Grey because I generally don’t mesh with her writing style and end up feeling annoyed either with her characters or the situations/decisions in the story.  But I just couldn’t resist NOT SO NICE GUY.  They’re best friends and both teachers.  I just think this sounds too cute not to give the author another chance.  Plus, if it’s still not a good fit for me then it’s an easy fix without feeling buyers remorse.

Recently Read
Audible Romance

So far in the month of August I haven’t picked up one audiobook from this service yet.  But here are a few that I read last month.

If you’ve noticed on this post, I was feeling the soccer fever so I picked up FOR THE WIN by Sara Rider.  This is a new to me author that I wouldn’t have discovered had I not been digging for soccer reads.  I’m not sure how I missed this when it released but rest assured I’ll be reading the rest of the series.  Really enjoyed it.

I was also feeling the need for some quick pick me up novellas.  They were both just ok reads in the end, but still enjoyable for when you’re in the mood for something short to listen to while doing some work around the house.  SAVE A TRUCK, RIDE A REDNECK by Molly Harper is a second chance romance set in a small town full of southern charm.  And HER BEST LAID PLANS by Cara McKenna was a cute read about a woman having an affair with a sexy Irish man while she’s house sitting for her friend after being dumped.

And last EVERY TIME I THINK OF YOU by Tracey Garvis Graves.  I really enjoyed ON THE ISLAND and I wanted to read more by this author.  This one… didn’t work.  The writing felt like it fit the style when this was released because a lot of books had that same tone and storyline.  But even then, those weren’t my favorites.  This was just boring, wordy, too descriptive and had no real chemistry for me.

Oldies But Goodies
Audible Romance Recommendations

Here are some of the books I’ve read before and noticed that are available through Audible Romance.  You should definitely make time to pick them up.

On the TBR
Audible Romance

Much like with Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow 10 audiobooks at a time to add to your library from the package.  I always have 10 selected but here’s a few that are on my TBL and I’ll try to get to soon!

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For more recommendations, check out my previous Kindle Unlimited Adventures!

What are your recommendations?

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Thanks for the information about the break even point. It’s funny you mention having previously read a story in an anthology. I just had this happen to me with 2 out of 4 stories in a romance themed christmas anthology I finished this week.

Under the Covers Book Blog

LOL it’s kind of funny when it happens right? I just wish they would label things better in blurbs when they re-release novellas previously published. I rely on GoodReads so much and it’ll just tell me I haven’t read it.


I did the same thing, relying on goodreads! This book did actually say where those 2 stories were previously published on the copyright page. However, when I checked goodreads, I hadn’t read either anthology. So, I don’t know where I read them!


I have a huge KU Wishlist because while don’t have a subscription, I get one free borrow a month through Amazon Prime. Last month I grabbed Spirit Witch by Helen Harper which was the third in a cute UF series in which the heroine, rather than being a total badass, would much rather sleep in, and laze around on the couch watching TV. The first book is Slouch Witch if you want to try it. The hero is an uptight, workaholic, by-the-book witch and their romance is adorable. I almost signed up last month when they were offering 3 mos… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

Thanks for the recommendations, the heroine sounds amazing. I love the idea of a lazy heroine, I can definitely identify 😀 I have actually gone and downloaded it, so you’ll probably see it pop up in my recommendations post next month!

Thanks, Suzanne

Kathy Valentine

Some great reads and recommendations!! Ty! Francesca!! Shared on all my socials!!

Sophia Rose

I recently signed up during the Amazon Prime Day to sample KU for 3 months. I’ve only read one so far. I like the ease of it and even the selection and the opportunity to test drive authors and books. Probably won’t keep it b/c I have so many others on the pile to read already that I wouldn’t read enough to make it break even or be a deal.
Definitely recommend it, though for those who don’t have a towering TBR/review pile. 🙂

Thanks for the recommendations to try.

Under the Covers Book Blog

It is hard to find time to explore it when the ARC pile is ridiculous. But I’m also trying to accept less since everything ends up being so disappointing lately.

Dawn Dalrymple

I recently read Pestilence by Laura Thalassa…so good it is a 5 star must read!! Folsom by Tarryn Fisher w as s another recent read/fave!!

Pansy Petal

I succumbed to KU a while back when I wanted to read a book that I could not really afford to buy at the time but it was on KU. I took advantage of the free month sign up and ended up reading somewhere in the neighborhood of ten books that first month. I have been a member ever since. The same thing happened when The Romance Package was happened on Audible. Already being an Audible member, I got the discounted price. Again I listened to several books right away. I find both well worth the membership fees. On a… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

I completely agree with that. They both have great selections that make it perfect when on a budget without feeling like you’re losing on good content.


Thanks for the recs Francesca


Legs by Kelly Siskind is awesome! I hope you enjoy it too. Anne – Books of My Heart

Under the Covers Book Blog

Oh so good to hear that!

Amy R

My latest KU reads have been by Tiffany Roberts and Hailey Edwards.

Under the Covers Book Blog

I need to try out Hailey Edwards. On my list for so long.