Below you will find our curated list of all the January Book Releases for 2023. Divided by genre to make it a bit easier for you. If you think we missed a book that you think should be highlighted below, let us know by sending us a note via our contact form and be sure to include a link to it on GoodReads or the author’s website.

2023 January Book Releases

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Before we talk January book releases

It’s the start of a new year and, along with every area of your life, you may be the type of person that sets goals and intentions. Reviewing the previous reading year and making some decisions on how the new one will be better is one of my favorite things. I am a numbers person, so I like to track everything and see where the year went wrong. That is this time of year. Maybe I need to drop or read more of a particular genre. Perhaps I discovered a new favorite author and I need to make a priority to go through the backlist. Or maybe it’s as simple as figuring out where I didn’t make reading a part of my time and finding more time to read this year.

One of the easiest things I think a lot of us do is set a GoodReads (or StoryGraph!) reading goal. Maybe look for a fun reading challenge to make reading fun. We can’t help but plug the reading challenge we are hosting again in 2023. You can find out more about Romanceopoly here. Or you can even find a book club and test your comfort zone a bit. Whatever that may be, here are a few articles from our archives that you may find helpful.

And now let’s dive into the monthly new releases!

– 2023 January Book Releases –


Historical Fiction

Historical Romance

Romantic Suspense

Sci Fi Romance

Urban Fantasy

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