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Hope you guys have been enjoying Cozy Mystery Week here at UTC. Today I’m going to be sharing some recommendations from the genre that may suit your tastes to books you already read. So let’s get started!

If you are new to the genre…

The first author I always recommend in Laura Childs. Pick any one of her series because I think they are all good. She has the Tea Shop Mysteries, the Scrapbooking Mysteries (my personal favorite) and the Cackleberry Club series. The reason why I always suggest starting with her is because she lays it out all very easily. The mystery always kicks off the book and then as the suspects are revealed, she doesn’t waste too much time trying to fool the reader with tricks. Childs writes in a very eloquent manner that is easy to follow while still keeping readers on their toes with various plot twists. Laura Childs is definitely one of my top fave authors in the genre.

If you like the Stephanie Plum books…

Then you’ll probably like The Tara Holloway series by Diane Kelly

This is a kind of like a Chick Lit read with a bit of Mystery thrown in. As you can expect with the comparison, it’s more on the lighter side of things and features quite a lot of humor. This is actually the series that I’m glomming right now. Tara is an IRS agent and I know most people think that anything to do with taxes is boring, this isn’t. Tara gets herself into some pretty hilarious situations and I think it’s a great intro to the genre because it is so light.

If you like a little more action in your Mysteries…

Then you’ll love Cleo Coyle and the Coffeehouse Mysteries.

Set in New York, you already know that the books are going to have a much faster pace because of the setting. Not only does Cleo Coyle pen a compelling heroine, but they accent that with plenty of side stories that often intertwine with one another, often creating an elaborate storyline that makes for a very fun read. I would say these books are a little more for the advance reader because so much is already going on, but nevertheless, they can all be read as a standalone.

If you like Romance in your Mysteries…

Then you’ll love Kate Carlisle.

Both her series have a touch more Romance than the other series do. And what’s nice about Carlisle’s books is that they usually start with the hero and heroine first falling in love rather than exploring divorce that other books in the genre often to. Please be aware, however, that the romances obviously won’t be so heavily focused on in the books because the romance is only a secondary storyline to the Mystery. The bulk of the book will still be Mystery.

If you like the small-town feel…

Then you’ll love Lea Wait.

I tried her Mainly Needlepoint series and was pleasantly surprised by its laidback style. And that doesn’t just pertain to the setting but also the writing style. This series takes a much slower pace than other Cozy Mysteries, which fits perfectly with the small-town feel of the setting. You’ll be spending a lot more time getting to know the people in addition to solving a murder.

If you like books set in the South…

You’ll love Susan Furlong’s Georgia Peach series.

Books set in the South are often really sellable. There’s just something about that Southern charm that makes people really interested so it’s no wonder why I enjoyed this series. As you can guess, it’s got a sweetness to it that’s nice because it almost becomes it’s own character in the series. The setting plays such an integral part that you can’t help but fall in love with it as well. Furlong’s books are still fairly new-to-me so I look forward to reading more of her books.

Obviously there are more than these titles floating around. You’ll find a lot of themed Cozy Mysteries out there such as food related ones. There are also ones with a slight paranormal aspect to them so there’s plenty to discover. These are just a few to get you started. I hope you enjoy them. And if you end up trying any of them, please let me know what you think!





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Good recommendations


Thanks for the recs Annie

Joanna M

Definitely trying Kate Karlisle. Thanks for the rec!

Under the Covers Book Blog

Awesome! I hope you enjoy!

Amy R

Thanks for the recs.