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I’ve talked about this topic on social media before and a few of you requested that I explain my system in a video, so here we go.  Hope that this helps you get your kindle or e-reader organized.  If you have any other questions I didn’t address in this video, let me know!


Do you have any collections?

Let us know in the comments below how YOU organize your ebooks


Photo by Perfecto Capucine on Unsplash


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Thanks Suzanne.

Sophia Rose

I haven’t updated my Kindle shelves in forever. I do mine by genre only, but I like your idea of having shelves for specific authors that I have had many books.

Amy R

I need to organize my kindle.


Thanks! I tried a few times to do this directly on my Kindle but it was way too clunky and I gave up. I never even thought to try it on my computer. Duh! Now I have a new project to keep me busy while we are all stuck at home.

Elizabeth H.

I didn’t even know you could organize your Kindle! Thanks for the tips!