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Warm up the mince pies and get out the cherry brandy, we are soon to be visited by our favourite jolly man in red. Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Papai Noel, Babbo Natale, Swiety Mikolaj…however, you say it we all all rubbing our hands in anticipation. Or atleast…some of us are, those of us who have been good, if you’ve been naughty you might be left with nothing but a lump of coal. So, us ladies at UTC and some of our favourite authors have written our letters to the big man, you know to put in a few requests and maybe explain a few things…Enjoy!


Dear Santa,

I know most people ask for Peace on Earth, but to be frank, I’d be happy with a bit of peace anywhere. Peace and quiet, so that I can hole myself away with a book, and actually get to read it instead of being constantly interrupted.

I love my family, I really do. But living with two teenagers, a crazy pug, and a gorgeous, but slightly demanding husband can be taxing. So maybe you could whisk me away to a deserted island, where I can lay on a lounger and read all day.

Come to think of it, the island doesn’t need to be completely deserted. A cocktail bar on the beach would be good.

Plus a barman. That would be good, too. If you really want to, you can make him young and sexy. I wouldn’t say no to that.

So a beach, a book, a bar and a barman. That’s what I want for Christmas.

And New Year.

And 2017.

Thanks, Santa.

From your number one fan, Carrie Elks.

PS – feel free to visit after you’ve finished your deliveries. I have cocktails!


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Dear Santa,

Wow, 2016 was a bust. Though, I am thankful of my blessings, cancer and illness has hit my friends and family. And I have to say, it sucked major ass. Now, I know some things are unavoidable but man…any chance to ask God to ease up a bit? Maybe bless our world with a cure or two? That would be amazing!

On a good note, I have been equally good and naughty this year. I can safely say, I deserve a helping of requests for 2017. To start, I would like a new midori planner with a few notebooks to come with it. Maybe stickers that will help me with my to-dos and organization of a few things. I would also like more time. Time to work on my planner, time to work out, time to read and simply time to breathe. I would like a new purse. There’s a particular bag I’ve been eying from Louis Vuitton. Maybe in 2017, I would get the chance to finally buy it. Last, and this would probably a top priority. I would like to get work out again. Not just going in work out and done. I would like the umph to be healthy. Motivation to be healthy in general. Why this concept is such a hard task, I dunno.

So you see, my request this year wasn’t too bad and I think it’s well deserved. Since you didnt grant me what Santa, whichever one you decide to give, I would be utterly grateful. Thank You.



Dear Saint Nicholas,

It’s a bit ridiculous writing a letter such as this since you’ve been dead since 343 AD. I doubt saints who abide in Paradise entertain letters from vampyres, but I have a few requests and since Paradise’s doors are closed to me you seemed to be the most sympathetic option.

There’s a woman…

She’s beautiful, fierce, and protective of others. Her name is Raven.

She is the kind of woman who inspires poets and composers. If I had the talent, I’d pen songs in praise of her. But I don’t.

If she’d lived in the Middle Ages, knights would have battled in her honour, only to win a smile from her lips or a token from her hands. But in my underworld principality I am forced to hide my regard for her – for her safety as well as my own.

Currently, she’s estranged from her sister. This is my fault, for reasons I won’t articulate. Nevertheless, I suffer with her and wish her suffering to end.

Saint Nicholas, during your life you were known for your charity and compassion and for your generosity to those in distress. In death, you are venerated as a patron saint of children.  Raven and her sister suffered as children and now as adults they still suffer. I ask you to help them and to mend their estrangement.

I realize as a creature of darkness I have no standing in the realm of the blessed. I ask your favour only because of my love for Raven. Surely her shining and noble character has not gone unnoticed.

Please remember her and her sister this Advent season.

Yours sincerely,


Prince of Florence.


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Dear Santa,

Rumor has it this winter will be colder that last year. I know there’s nothing you can do about the weather. That’s Mother Nature’s responsibly. But I know something that will help me stay warm. No, it’s not the thermal wrap and socks I saw in the store flyer last week. What I want is something much better. Something much much hotter. That’s right. I want Jamie Fraser. In a kilt. And in nothing else. That alone will get my blood toasty warm. And if he wants to say sweet nothings in Gaelic, even better!

Yes, I know I asked for Jamie last year and you never delivered. That’s okay. I’m positive it was merely an oversight. Right?


Stina Lindenblatt


PS if you feel the need to add a festive plaid ribbon to his the package, that’s perfectly acceptable too.


[new-release title=”My Song For You” author=”Stina Lindenblatt”]


Dear Santa,

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but winter is one of my favorite times of the year. Despite the joy of running around barefoot in summer or sitting outdoors and letting the sun warm your skin, it just can’t compete with the magical wonder that makes up this season.

There’s something about watching the large, fluffy flakes of snow fall that makes me smile. It’s watching the snow slowly build up, creating a magical white, shimmery wonderland that makes it feel like winter is not the end of summer’s glory but rather the beginning of a new landscape; where we can build igloo cities and populate them with chubby snowmen. It’s the joy of being able to flop down in the snow knowing you have a soft (though a tad cold) landing behind you.

The cool breezes, and even colder early-dark nights, also help remind us of the simple joys of staying in; whether it’s curled up in your favorite fluffy blanket reading a book or spending time snuggled up with the ones you love watching a movie with hot chocolate. Even watching the snow pile up outside from your window can bring a sense of wonder… even if it’s just wondering how you’re going to dig yourself out of your driveway tomorrow.

And family. Whether it’s the family you were given or the one you’ve made for yourself, this season brings us all together in joy and merriment. When my mini was younger, we used to go out and see all the lights and parades, the festivities that people pour their creative energy into, and I’d watch her small face light up with joy and anticipation. Now that she’s older, she still has that excitement rumbling around inside her this time of year but our time is now spent at home with each other. Sometimes, I look at her and wonder where the small child seeking my lap has gone, to be replaced with this smart young woman who never ceases to amaze me.

And that’s it, Santa. We don’t come to visit you at malls anymore or write letters magically sent up to the North Pole. We put in less requests for your elves but the spirit of the season is not forgotten by us. Like most people, I still have wants for Christmas but they’re not the sort you can build from wood or put paint on to make them special. This year for Christmas, I want the messages we send on cards – peace on earth and goodwill toward men. I hope this season brings more people together, makes more homes warmer, and turns even the biggest Grinch’s heart three sizes larger. Thank you.



[new-release title=”Downed” author=”Jen Frederick”]


Dear Santa,

I’ve completely given up on asking you things because you’ve ignored every request I’ve made the past few years.  I mean, how hard is it for you to bring me Jason Momoa?  Really!  Every year I fall more in love with the man and all you do is ignore me!  Did you see me after watching that video where he talks about how special being a father is to him?  My ovaries were exploding!  Did you care?  No, you were not even watching I’m sure.  Too busy probably playing with Rudolph and not even looking down at me.

So this is why I decided to take 2016 and be as naughty as I wanted.  Take that!  I’m done with you!

If you want to be in MY good graces again, you’ll have to show me that you’re making an effort to work on our relationship.  And just to keep things interesting and prove to me that you do know something about me, I’m not going to tell you what to bring me.

You know things.  Figure it out.

Just make sure there’s also chocolate along with anything you bring me, because I’ve been having mad sweet cravings lately.

If all goes well, I’ll be talking to you next year.




Wonder what the awesome, sweet, sensitive Tucker from THE GOAL wants for Christmas? Keep reading to find out…

Dear Santa,

Dude, I feel like Christmas came early this year, and I’ve received so much already I don’t even know what else to ask for. I mean, I’ve got my two beautiful girls—what else do I need, right?

Sabrina has come around and finally admitted she loves me, which was music to my ears. Don’t get me wrong—I knew the woman loved me, but I’m proud of her for taking that final step and allowing herself to be vulnerable. And I swear to God, I will never hurt that woman! She’s sexy, she’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s funny, she’s sexy, she’s driven—did I mention she’s sexy? But the greatest thing about her? She’s a wonderful mother. I could watch her with our little girl for hours. It never ceases to me amaze me that they are both mine.

My mother and Sabrina still have some things to work out, but they’re getting better. I think now that Mom recognizes Sabrina truly loves me and wasn’t trying to trap me into anything, she realizes how frickin’ perfect Sabrina is for me. And yeah, Mom would’ve loved to see me move back home, but she’ll get over it eventually. Actually, lately she’s been dropping hints about moving up to Boston to be closer to her granddaughter. Can’t picture my southern mama ever getting used to the northern winters, but who knows. Maybe she’ll end up loving the snow.

The best gift, of course, was the birth of my little princess. Jamie is so perfect in every way, and if she turns out even half as determined as her mama, she’s going to be the most headstrong little girl you’ve ever met. She’s totally going to be daddy’s girl, though. I mean, how could she not? The way her little eyes sparkle when we’re together, the sound of her laughter when I blow raspberries on her tummy…Yeah, I know I got first place in her heart. Mommy’s a close second, of course, and then there’s her uncles Garrett and Logan and Dean… Okay, this kid is spoiled with affection. She deserves it, though.

And that’s it, dude. I got everything I could possibly want for Christmas this year already. I’m sure Jamie would like some new teething rings, and Sabrina would love a bit more study time for her finals. But rest assured, this will definitely be a very merry Christmas in the Tucker household.

John Tucker

from THE GOAL by Elle Kennedy


[new-release title=”The Goal” author=”Elle Kennedy”]


Day 12

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BEAUTIFUL SECRET by Christina Lauren
BEAUTIFUL by Christina Lauren

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