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Welcome to what used to be called just Dom’s Dungeon in our BURNING UP JULY event!  Over the years, we’ve added a few extra categories in looking for the hottest heroes of the year, and this year we’ve asked some of our favorite authors to come and tell us why they think the hero they like should win.

Kicking things off, THE DOM’S DUNGEON, the one that started it all. These are the Doms that stand out recently and you get to vote for your favorite.  Voting will run until Saturday July 21, 2018 end of day and winner will be announced Sunday July 22, 2018.  And because we are nice like that, check out the end of this post to see the week-long giveaway we are running during the competition.


Nominated by Brianna Hale

Frederic d’Estang: performer, professional villain and Evie Bell’s youthful crush. Frederic is the hero of SOFT LIMITS, a sweetly sadistic man who delights in drawing out Evie’s submissive side. She needs a little rough darkness in her life and he’s just the man to provide it. My inspiration for Frederic is the very charming and villainous Rufus Sewell.

Why Frederic d’Estang is the Best Dom:
– unnerving green gaze
– dark, wicked good looks
– loves to watch you cry
– loves to make you cry
– wants you to take just a little bit more pain, for him
– sweetly charming even with a belt in his hand
– asks politely if he can put his hand around your throat
– endearments in French, and lots of them
– will coax all your darkest fantasies from your lips and make them a reality
– feeling vulnerable when it’s over? So many kisses and cuddles in his lap after
– will always leave you with a smile on your face…and wanting more

Find Frederick

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Hello, all! I’m Fran’s favorite problem child, Angel Payne! It was so much fun when she asked me if I’d read some delicious Dominant heroes during the last year, and I begged her to let me talk to you about TWO of my favorites, because honestly, it was impossible to pick just one.


Nominated by Angel Payne

My first pick has to be Ryan Steel, featured in the final three books of Helen Hardt’s Steel brothers series: Shattered, Twisted, and Unraveled. (The entire series reading order is right here: I love Ryan because of his heartbreaking back story, his steadfast strength, and his ability to see the woman beneath Ruby Lee’s tough cop exterior. He coaxes Ruby’s sensual side out with patience and perseverance, not growling commands and a bunch of alpha guy chest-beating–though he certainly knows how to bring on the decadent domination when he knows that’s what Ruby needs too. In short, this man always puts the needs of his woman first–and Helen herself dreamcasted the perfect guy for him, the gorgeous William Levy. Swoon!

Find Ryan

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Nominated by Angel Payne

Secondly, I have to gush about a writer I have recently discovered, Bronwyn Green, and her unforgettable Dominant hero, Angus Domhnull, from the 7th book in her Bound series: Rewritten. While Bronwyn’s confessed to me that she dreamcasted Aidan Turner as Angus, I instantly pictured the beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch in the role, and didn’t look back. Angus is a moody sci-fi writer struggling with a tragedy from his past that’s brought on a really long writer’s block–until his publisher sends a new assistant who helps him get his muse back. He’s everything you want in a dashing British Dom: arrogance, sensuality, a wicked wit–and oh dear God, a twist on Darcy that you will never, ever, ever forget. I’m still in book hangover from this devastating man! Go and check out the works from both these amazing women. You’ll be completely thanking me!

Find Angus

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New from Angel Payne

As long as you’re shopping, be sure to check out my newest, as well: the Bolt Saga is my steamy summer read in the form of a superhero romance: an electrifying blend of action, adventure, and smoking-hot sensuality with e-book covers featuring the stunning Anthony Kemper and Hannah Lundquist! Available everywhere!


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Now it’s time for you to vote!

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Today’s Question:
What’s the latest Dom you read and loved?




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The latest was a visit with the doms from the rescue me saga by kallypso masters

Kathy Valentine

Wolf henrikson a dom from Laura Kate’s blasphemy series, who specializes in Exhibitionism!!! The guy was HOT!! The book Eyes On You! Shared on all my socials!!


Last Dom I read about and loved was Mad from Power Play by Cara Dee. He was just quiet and yet powerful Ugh, I couldn’t explain it if I tried but he was hot!

Christina Alexander

Master Holt from Cherise Sinclair’s BENEATH THE SCARS. He was totally worth waiting for.

Amy R

I’ve gone back a year on my Goodreads and I haven’t read a Dom book in a long time.

Sue G.

Playing His Way by Erika Wilde.


I don’t typically read BDSM books so I can’t think of any doms offhand.


Tristan from At His Mercy by Shelly Bell


Ryder from His to Claim by Shelly Bell