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Do you ever look at a series and promise yourself that you will read it…eventually? Well that’s how how Francesca and I (Suzanne) have been feeling about the In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts). It’s been on both of our TBRs for so long and yet remained relatively untouched. The problem with much loved series like In Death is that it’s got a lot of hype. So many people love the books and all the characters. It’s a little daunting to take on the weight of that expectation. Also there’s the length! Have you seen how many books are in the series? It’s on book 48. That’s a lot of books to get through.

But, we aren’t going to try and get through all 48 books this year. Instead we are taking it slow and aim to read one book a month, getting us to book 12 by December. We will update you on our progress on social media as we read, in our wrap up videos at the end of the month and in a monthly post articulating our thoughts on the book.

This month we are tackling the fifth book in the series Ceremony in Death.


[new-release title=”Ceremony in Death” author=”J.D. Robb”]

What were your over all thoughts about this book?

Suzanne: This may be my favourite book so far in the series. I don’t know how Robb seems to make each new book so intriguing without being repetitive – although we are fairly early on in the series, so that could change. Regardless, each book so far has been fresh and interesting and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Francesca: Exactly what Suzanne just said.  As soon as the plot for this one starts unveiling I couldn’t help but think it’s so amazing that these books never get repetitive.  I think I could’ve done with a little more Eve & Roarke for this to be my favorite of the series, but it was probably the one where I was more involved in the development of the plot since book 1.

The mystery aspect of the book, did it keep you hooked?

Suzanne: This is what I loved about this book. The addition of the occult and witchcraft really upped the creepy factor of this book. Throughout the whole book you know exactly who the culprit is, however, I like that Robb adds a twist right at the end, so nothing is completely what it seems.

Francesca: Loved it!  I love the mix of the occult, witchcraft and rituals to the investigation.  It definitely added a creep factor that I haven’t felt before with this series.  Rest assured it doesn’t make the book scary, by any means.  It was just really well executed in a way that kept you engaged.

Eve and Roarke, thoughts and feelings!

Suzanne: I’m all feelings when it comes to Eve and Roarke! As always they managed to be sexy, intense and an absolute delight to read about.

Francesca: I always love them.  I think in this one I wanted a bit more of them.  But they delivered exactly what I expect from them.  Is it possible to fall more in love with a hero after each book?  Because that’s what’s happening with Roarke.

Did you do audiobook, ebook or book?

Suzanne: ebook all the way!

Francesca: Audio!

How would you rate Ceremony in Death?

Suzanne: 4 Stars

Francesca: 4 Stars as well

How are you feeling about starting the next book in the series Vengeance in Death?

Suzanne: As always, I am eager and excited to get onto the next book!

Francesca: I’m really enjoying this buddy read because I literally know every month I’ll have at least one stellar read for the month and it’s this series.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Have you read Ceremony in Death?

Feel free to join us in our year long series read-along!

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I agree this was probably one of my favorites in the series. With everything eve went through investigating this murder and, well, roarke but even her relationships with others was just so well done.


I haven’t read any of the books in this series as yet

Amy R

Thanks for the review post. The number of books in this series is a bit overwhelming but I may try the first few and see if I like them.