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When it comes to books that pack an emotional punch as well as steam and spice for days, we can’t avoid highlighting what is basically a finished series that embodies all of that. That is the Brown Family series by Lauren Dane.

Brown Siblings Series Guide by Lauren Dane

Brown Family Series by Lauren Dane

Many moons ago I stumbled across the Brown Family series by Lauren Dane.  I was barely dipping my toes into contemporary romances coming from my long standing love of paranormal stories.  Lets just say this wasn’t my “cup of tea” then.  Strange, I know.  But the connection I had with this series was instant. The stories all dealt with some hard and emotional topic, they dug deeper for me than what I was used to reading in contemporaries (my experience at that time was mostly Spice Harlequins and such, after all).

Basically, I fell in love with these characters. Here’s a family that to this day I remember, and one of them is even an unlikely hero that I’m still in love with and keep on my list of book boyfriends.  Obviously what better series to feature than this one if you want to pick up something that’s completely finished and should be a breeze to read. Full of heart and spice. I think you’ll come to care about these characters as much as I did!

The Premise

We start off with 3 siblings. The oldest brother had to raise the younger two on his own. He became a successful tattoo artist and vowed to help them achieve all their dreams. They’ve gone on to chase their rock star dreams but never lost the core of what made them a family unit. Always there for each other. Their family grew along the way and now it’s your turn to meet them!

Book cover Laid Bare by Lauren Dane
  • Polyamorous relationship
  • Second chance romance
  • BDSM

Laid Bare by Lauren Dane

brown family #1

“She knew who she was and what she was. There was no escaping it even if she wanted to. And she didn’t. If Todd Keenan wanted a woman comfortable with her sexuality, he’d come back.”

A few things stand out about the book.  It’s probably the one that tugs at the strings of your heart the most in this series because of what our heroine goes through.  It’s also the one that offers the bigger range of kink 😉  This is a triad, there’s some m/m scenes and it’s also a D/s relationship.  

Now on the trope side, this is my favorite.  A second chance romance.  It’s also in the rock star category, although not told in the typical fashion.  Erin and Todd are perfect and I really loved how they explored how they complemented each other.  But once you add in Ben to the mix, I thought this was done in a way that can feel realistic and I never felt he was left out.  Touching and hot.  One I have re-read!  ~ Under the Covers

“I hope you find a place in your life when you can let go and be happy. But I’m not a dirty secret. I’m not bad and wrong for being comfortable with myself, and I won’t let you make me feel that way.”

Book cover Coming Undone by Lauren Dane
  • Opposites attract
  • Single mother
  • Neighbors to lovers

Coming Undone by Lauren Dane

brown family #2

She was coming undone and there was nothing to do but let it happen.

Guys.  Honestly, there was a time I thought I made Brody Brown into more than he actually was in my head.  So I decided to re-read this book a few years back just to see for myself if this was true or not.  And he is,  to this day, one of those staple heroes in my book boyfriend list.  This is the man we all want to fall for.  

He’s an older hero (40), a tattoo artist with his own shop, and the one responsible for raising his younger siblings and making sure they got everything they ever wanted.  He made it possible for them, carried that responsiblity on his shoulders with a smile on his face and little care for himself.  And he’s sexy beyond belief.  Truly.  When he falls for his ballerina neighbor, who has an adorable and precocious daughter and you see him interact with her… All bets are off.  I can’t say enough about how awesome Brody is.  ~ Under the Covers

“Baby, you two are my girls. I’ll protect you. I’ll protect you both.”

Book cover Inside Out by Lauren Dane
  • Epistolary romance
  • Cinnamon roll hero
  • Hero falls first

Inside Out by Lauren Dane

brown family #3

“I know he’s a nice guy, but he comes in bad boy wrapping paper.”

This series is not known for sexy bad boys.  It’s all about those sexy good boys.  And Andrew Copeland is just the perfect example of that.  He’s the good boy that will center our heroine Ella who is coming out of a bad and abusive relationship.  Although this wasn’t my favorite in the series as I think it lacked some of the depth of emotion I expected from the previous two, this was still a very endearing story with charming moments to be remembered.  If there’s one thing that always makes an impression in this series …  the heroes.  You definitely want to read just for that.  I also loved the romance of the letters/poems shared between Ella and Cope (including Pablo Neruda).  So sweet.  ~ Under the Covers

“I don’t have poetry like you do. I only know that I love how my sheets smell after you’ve been in my bed.”

Book Cover Never Enough by Lauren Dane
  • Rock star romance
  • Single mom
  • Opposites attract

Never Enough by Lauren Dane

brown family #4

“She ruined him for all others, and that was fine since he didn’t plan to have any others but her.”

We finally get to the rock star’s book.  This is THE most anticipated book in the series in my opinion and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.  I am sucker for this kind of plot as well as the heroine of this story is the adoptive mother of a teenager and she finds out that Adrian is the biological father. She immediately wants him to have a place in his son’s life.  I admire Gillian as a woman and a mother, and I thought she complemented Adrian, the big shot celebrity with a heart, quite well.  There were some very hot moments in this book as well (I certainly remember a hot tub scene). In the end, Ms. Dane delivers sizzling chemistry with this one.  ~ Under the Covers

“That mama-bear, elegant-and-modest-on-the-outside, hot-as-all-fuck-on-the-inside thing was ringing his doorbell. And God help him, he knew it was beyond inappropriate to be making up fuck fantasies about this woman right then but he couldn’t help it.”

The spin off!

At this point, we introduce the spin off series Delicious. This follows friends of Gillian, the heroine in book 4 of the Brown Siblings. I recommend you read these before continuing with the Brown Family books as there are cameos that help setup books in this series. And why would you want to miss these anyway?!

Delicious series by Lauren Dane Books in Order

Book cover Laid Open by Lauren Dane
  • BDSM
  • Menage
  • Vacation setting

Laid Open by Lauren Dane

brown family #4.5

“His entire life was right there and it filled him with joy.”

This is a slice of life of our first triad in this series.  Erin, Todd and Ben take center stage again in this story to give fans a small taste of our beloved characters.  It also shows that not everything has to be perfect after the HEA but things that come up can be worked on and overcome.  It was nice to see Ben and Todd more comfortable with each other in this book as well.  As expected, this was sweet and emotional but smoking hot as well.  ~ Under the Covers

Book cover Drawn Together by Lauren Dane
  • BDSM
  • Redeemable character
  • Opposites attract

Drawn Together by Lauren Dane

brown family #5

“There was no denying it. No denying this woman brought so many things to the surface. More than need, which he nearly drowned in. More than lust and sexual hunger for her. He wanted to dominate her in all the best ways.”

The book I thought I didn’t want to read.  The heroine in this story is the character I loved to hate throughout the whole series.  Yes, I was glad she didn’t snatch one of the Brown siblings because I would’ve thrown a fit.  But I also wasn’t sure I would respond favorably to seeing her get an HEA after everything she’s pulled.  

I should’ve just trusted Ms. Dane.  After all, I did a 180 here and I couldn’t have been happier.   Starting off with the hero who is a dominant to die for. As much as I loved the hero, Raven was really the hit for me.  Even though I disliked her before, I think that’s what made this even better when I connected with her in this one.  Job very well done and expectations met. ~ Under the Covers

You have flaws, no lie. But you own your shit and a hell of a lot of people don’t. Just let this guy love you. Understand you’re worth loving. Because you are.

New release!

The latest addition to the Brown Family series by Lauren Dane is Reckless. This is a standalone title featuring Miles Brown as the hero. He is the son of Adrian Brown from book 4, Never Enough. This is the second generation and rock star royalty!

Book cover Reckless by Lauren Dane
  • Rock star romance
  • Childhood friends
  • Forced proximity

Reckless by Lauren Dane

brown family #6

Bright Lights…

Harlow Martin is a rock star’s kid. She’s wanted to be a musician her whole life and at last, she and her band, Above Me, will be the opening act on chart topping mega-stars, Earthquakes upcoming US tour.

Miles Brown started Earthquakes straight out of high school, and after years of working his butt off, the band was headlining an arena tour. Multiple platinum albums, some music video awards, commercials, print ad work and a few movies had taken Miles from an unsure teen into a confident, charismatic man, absolutely certain of himself.

And then Harlow bounded back into his life. Though he’d grown up backstage with her when their dads had played festivals together, he’s not ready for the immediate sensual punch in the gut grown-up Harlow was. He’s absolutely captivated by her and though he knows it’s reckless, he can’t deny the temptation of her lips.

Rock and Roll…

Harlow is an independent, accomplished musician. Her confidence on stage is something she can put on like a dress. The tour has raised Above Me’s profile and sent them to the next level of success. Her relationship with Miles continues to deepen each day and as she gets to know him, falling for him is inevitable. He knows her, sees right to the heart of her and loved her for it. She knows what a gift that is. Even when it took work to keep her gorgeous, spoiled and caregiving alpha from rolling right into her life and taking over.

Miles thought he knew what love was, but once he finds it with Harlow, he can understand what a pale imitation he’d had before. He loves her fire and her poet’s soul. Loves the way she’s dedicated and loyal to her closest friends and family. Loves the way she trusts him and brings out the best in him. Even managed to love his bossiness.

When an old heartache is bruised anew and Harlow’s peace is threatened, Miles needs to walk a path between help and control, while vowing to protect her beautiful heart.

in conclusion

Whether you’re looking for an emotional ride that centers friendship and family, or you want the spiciest of romance book series, the Brown Family series by Lauren Dane is the one for you. Full of hot alpha men that protect their women fiercely, intense romances, emotional healing and bonds that tie them all together. This is the type of series that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading them. Somehow they just become like part of your family.

Post updated October 1, 2022

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Brown Family series by Lauren Dane Books in Order
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Wow. I didn’t know about this series. Also, although the other books sound good, I really want to read Coming Undone.

Darynda Jones

Wow, these sounds amazing, and I adore Lauren! Thanks for this recap, Francesca!

Jennifer K.

I love this series! Coming Undone is my favorite, Brody is amazing, the way he takes care of everyone. The best part of these books is the way the flow goes from the Brown siblings to Delicious series and melds right into the Hurley Boys.


I love this series! Brody is still my favourite character of all the books I have read. I think I need a reread.

Amy R

I love this series, my first read by Lauren Dane was Sway which had me going back to read the Brown Siblings.

Chris Bails

Lauren is one of my top 10 favorite authors. I loved this series. Loved the connecting books. You have to check the Hurley Brothers series and also the Petal series. The Hurleys connect with Lush. Petal series is with the Chase Brothers. I loved all the books but my favorite was Never Enough which is also one of my favorite covers. This series has some great ones.


This post reminds I have the first in the series and need to read it soon