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With the release of The Savior it’s time to update the Black Dagger Brotherhood series guide and fantasy cast! For the full guide with all the information about the series and the other characters you’ll find it:

Here is our cast and profile of the Sarah and Murhder:

Name: Murhder
Race: Vampire
Faction: Black Dagger Brotherhood
First appeared in: Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood #8)
Romance is in: The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17)
Mate: Dr Sarah Watkins
About: Best friend of Darius and Tohrment. Former partner of Xhex, but went mad when he thought he was saving her from a symphath colony. He was tortured and his mind broken by symphaths and because of his insanity he was kicked out of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He has been hiding in a small guest house in South Carolina and has become the legend of Eliahu Rathboone who is rumoured to haunt the place.
Appearance:  Classically handsome, but with long black hair that has wide streaks of red and striking deep set peach coloured eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Adam Lundberg

Name: Dr Sarah Watkins
Race: Human
First appeared in: The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17)
Romance is in: The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17)
Mate: Murhder
About: Sarah is a scientist who works as a molecular geneticist working on curing cancer using the body’s immune system. She is well known and respected in her field. She had a fiancee who died very suddenly who was also a very successful scientist. With no family left after her mother died of cancer and only distant friends Sarah’s life is her work.
Appearance: Slender with dark blonde shoulder length hair and honey coloured eyes
Fantasy Cast: Elizabeth Debicki



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Sophia Rose

I’m listening to their story now. 🙂 I like your casting for Muhrrder and Sarah.


Great post


Thanks for the update

Kathy Valentine

Awesome update!! Shared on my socials!