Author: Marie W

I am Canadian, living in Beautiful British Columbia and a Dog Mom to an adorable Golden Retriever who most days forgets she’s a dog. By day, I am an engineering (almost) professional - fingers crossed that “P” in my email signature comes in soon. By night, I’m a avid adventurer of all things fictional. I am also a light-duty outdoor adventurer - I love skiing and hiking - but I haven’t quite got into carrying my supplies on my back; I need that comfy bed or cozy, practically fully furnished tent at the end of my day. When it comes to books, my heart has always and will always belong to fantasy, magic and anything extraordinary, especially if there’s romance involved. While my shelves are full of fantastic monsters, my Kindle and Library history are jam packed full of rom-coms, historical romance, new adult romance and the more than occasional foray into erotica of all genres. While I love consuming new reads, I am also a chronic re-reader of my favourites. Oh, and don’t ever crack the spine of my books. Ever. I joined Bookstagram in 2020 and have met some many wonderful bookish people. I’m super excited to be joining the lovely ladies of the UTC blogging team and getting the chance to connect more with this community! Click photo to find me on GoodReads