Happy April! I hope we find you well and excited for all the fantastic April book releases. We have searched high and low, battling dragons, sneaking past ogres and seducing cyborgs so that we can present you with what new romance books are coming out in April. Enjoy!

April 2022 New Book Releases

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The upside of being a mood reader

Is anyone else’s reading dictated entirely by what mood they’re in? If yes, hello fellow mood reader! I can be in the mood for a dark, dramatic historical romance one day (hello, Kerrigan Byrne), and the next, all I want to do is grab some horns and have fun with an adorable blue alien (Ruby Dixon, I am looking at you). It’s a trial! Or is it?

Because of my ever changing moods, I have read a wide variety of different books. For every sub genre of romance books, I have a favourite author, a favourite series and if pushed a favourite book. Although making someone pick one single book out of a whole romance sub genre is an evil thing to do! It’s great, it means when I am in the mood for something with a bit of murder, I can shuffle through my favourite romantic thriller and mystery authors (Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh if you were wondering), if I want some urban fantasy, or a sweet contemporary romance I know exactly where to go in my bookshelves.

I often see mood reading talked about like it’s a curse. But, I disagree. We mood readers have it going on, our blinkers are off and we’ew ready to tackle as much of the romance genre as we can. Ya know, depending on our mood.

But, let’s get into our April new releases, what are you in the mood for?

– 2023 April Book Releases –

Cozy Mystery


Erotic Romance

Historical Fiction

Mysteries and Thrillers

Paranormal Romance

Urban Fantasy

Women’s Fiction

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