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If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, or you just want clarification please don’t hesitate to contact us on the below details:

Name: Suzanne/Francesca
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Mailing List

To add you to Under the Covers’ mailing list we will ask you to enter your name and email address when you subscribe to the mailing list. Under the Covers will never add a user to the mailing list themselves, instead a user must actively sign up.

The mailing list has two options: Weekly Newsletter or Daily Newsletter. You can pick one of both options, which can later be changed or completely unsubscribed from using the preference settings.

We use a third party mailing service MailerLite to store the mailing list information. Please see their Privacy Policy here.

We collect your personal information with your consent and it will be used solely for sending you your chosen (weekly/daily) newsletter.

Your information will never be sold, rented or shared with any other third party.

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list by using the “Unsubscribe” option on the bottom of your newsletter or contacting Under the Covers directly.


Under the Covers offers giveaways on a regular basis. We will collect your name and email address so if you win you can be contacted and arrangements made for you to collect the prize.

Some giveaways may be sponsored by a third party, such as an author or publisher. When this is the case it will be stated in the giveaway so you are aware before entering the draw. We will share the winner(s) information only with the third party. This will be for the purpose of collecting the prize.

If you are a winner we may ask for further personal information such as a mailing address so we can send you the prize. Once you have confirmed you have received your prize or after 3 months has passed whichever is first, this information will be deleted.

By entering your name and email address you are giving Under the Covers or when applicable the third party consent to contact you as described above.

We use Rafflecopter to collect giveaway entrants and pick our winners. Please see their Privacy Policy here.

We collect your personal information on your consent and it will be used solely for the purposes of the giveaway. Your information will never be sold, rented or shared with any other third party.  The service we use to collect your personal details once you’ve won a giveaway is through our account with AirTable.  You can see their Privacy Policy here.

If you wish to withdraw your entry from a competition and have your details deleted please contact us at underthecoversbookblog@gmail.com.


When you comment on an Under the Covers you must enter your name and email address. You can also enter your website; however, this is non-mandatory. This is so we are able to reply to any comments you make. It also prevents Under the Covers from getting spammed out of existence!

Before you post each comment, you will be asked to confirm you have read our Privacy Policy and positively opt in. By doing this you are consenting to Under the Covers holding your personal information.

We collect your personal information with your consent and it will be used solely for the purposes of viewing and replying to your comment. We also count comments from our regular readers for the purposes of our yearly “Maiden of the Year” giveaway. Your information will never be sold, rented or shared with any third party.

If you wish for any of your comments to be deleted, please contact us at underthecoversbookblog@gmail.com.

Affiliates & Advertising

Affiliate links

When clicking on affiliate links this will redirect you off Under the Covers to a vendor – usually Amazon.com, iBooks and BookDepository. If you purchase a product from the vendor, this will result in Under the Covers getting a small commission.

All purchases are anonymous and although we can view what has been purchased in a given time period, we cannot see who purchased it.

The vendor keep all personal details anonymous from Under the Covers.


We offer the opportunity to advertise on Under the Covers. We charge a flat fee for advertising on our site. When you click on an advertising link it will redirect you to the applicable vendor. We track the number of clicks on advertising; however, this is a tally and does not identify to Under the Covers who clicked on the advertising.

Advertising has zero influence on the books we accept for review and the subsequent rating of those books.


I’m talking internet cookies, not the delicious chocolatey kind. Instead:

A web cookie is a piece of data sent from a website and stored by the user’s web browser whilst the user is browsing.
(from Wikipedia)

Under the Covers uses cookies to operate the website. Cookies are used to track how much and where traffic on Under the Covers is directed.

This information is used to improve our content so we can offer more of our more popular features to our users. The cookies used do not collect information which would enable Under the Covers to personally identify the user.

Most web browser settings are set to automatically accept cookies. However, you are able to adjust this in your browser settings so you decline cookies. Please be aware if you do this, some services may not work correctly. You also have the ability to delete any cookies present using your settings.


In accordance with the current FTC disclosure rules for bloggers and reviewers, the books you see reviewed on the site are either purchased by us or are obtained through NetGalley, Edelweiss, or directly from the author or publisher in some other form in an exchange for an honest review.  They will be clearly marked on the review when we’ve received a free copy for review.


Our reviews, posts and special features are copyright of Under The Covers unless otherwise noted. So please don’t take them and claim them as your own. The graphics on our site are created by Under The Covers unless otherwise stated, however we do not own some of the pictures shown.

Images appearing on the site (which haven’t been photographed by us) have been paid for through stock sites and/or are used with expressed permission from owner. We do not hold any copyright to any images unless otherwise noted.

If there is an image appearing on this site that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to appear on UTC, please contact us and we will take it down immediately.

If you have any questions about any of the above policy or have any concerns regarding your personal data please do not hesitate to contact us at underthecoversbookblog@gmail.com


*Last updated September 19, 2018