New Releases Spotlight – December 7, 2021

Some of the books we are looking forward to reading, out this week!

New Releases Spotlight – December 7, 2021
Book Info

Released: December 1 2021
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Bloodline Vampires #3
Pages: 157

I’ve lost everything.

My father’s plan worked. I am now pregnant with a Bloodline vampire child, and he’s taken my men captive. The only person who can save them from a fate worse than death is…me.

To do that I’ll have to harness my new powers and walk into the one place I promised myself I’d never return to. To protect my lovers and my unborn child, I’ll have to kill my father and take the throne.

If I fail, I won’t be the only one paying the price.

Author's Note: For all tropes, tags, and CWs, please check the author’s website. Queen is the third book in the Bloodline Vampires trilogy, and should be read following Heir.

New Releases Spotlight – December 7, 2021
Wrapped in Black
Book Info

Released: December 1 2021
Series: The Original Sinners #6.4
Pages: 119

It’s the UnHoly Trinity’s first Christmas in New Orleans. Nora decides she, Søren, and Kingsley need to celebrate with a very special gift-giving game—not a boring White Elephant exchange, but a Black & Blue Elephant exchange where the gifts hurt as much to receive as they do to give. And Nora already knows exactly what she wants…

This erotic holiday novella takes place shortly after the events of “Christmas in Suite 37A” (Michael’s Wings).

New Releases Spotlight – December 7, 2021
The Righteous
Book Info

Released: December 7 2021
Genre: Young Adult
Series: The Beautiful #3
Pages: 432

The third book in the instant New York Times bestselling series that began with The Beautiful.

Pippa Montrose is tired of losing everything she loves. When her best friend Celine disappears under mysterious circumstances, Pippa resolves to find her, even if the journey takes her into the dangerous world of the fae, where she might find more than she bargained for in the charismatic Arjun Desai.

Renée is back with her rich, atmospheric fantasy world that will continue to enthrall readers, new romance and mystery, and lush, pacey writing.

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New Releases Spotlight - December 7, 2021

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