ARC Review: While We Were Dating by Jasmine Guillory

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ARC Review: While We Were Dating by Jasmine Guillory
While We Were Dating

3 Stars

Book Info

Released: July 13th 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Wedding Date #6
Pages: 336

“To me this is a perfect book to keep on the nightstand for when you need a bit of wind-down reading before bed”

~ Under the Covers

Ben Stephens is a perpetual flirt who has never cared for serious relationships – he’s too busy with dating app hook ups, a busy job to prove himself at, and a fair amount of family baggage he’d rather not think about.

Anna Gardiner is an actress who’s determined to launch herself and her career into the stratosphere. After a rather rocky year on the personal front, she’s all business and working her butt off trying to get back into the fold; and get back on the horse in the men dept with a bit o harmless flirting…

When Anna stars in a ad campaign that Ben is leading, both of their no-funny-business-at-work policies are put to the test: both seem to have met their match when it comes to flirting ability, level of physical attractiveness and general fun but also very caring person vibes. From day one on set Ben and Anna’s story is less of a will-they-won’t-they than a will-they-actually-make-it?

While We Were Dating was an enjoyable read. Both main characters where fun to get to know, and neither really had any of those uncomfortable characteristics or fatal flaws that you just KNOW are going to dictate the story. All the action and challenges seem to flow quite naturally in this book, which I liked.

The only drawback with this one is that it didn’t stick with me, and ended up taking me 6 weeks to finish. Maybe this is a function of me being wayyyy to busy over the past few months, or maybe it’s just not meant to be that kind of book.

To me this is a perfect book to keep on the nightstand for when you need a bit of wind-down reading before bed, or a few good chapters in the bath (or if you’re like me and tend find yourself in an “eyes are bigger than your stomach” situation work wise and sometimes only get literally 10 minutes to sit down all day and need some quiet time to get your head on straight…) because I could read a few chapters, put it down, then come back a few weeks later and jump right back in. Does it sit there begging you to finish it? No. But is it one that you definitely WANT to finish when you’ve got the time? 100%.

While We Were Dating is book 6 in the Wedding Date “grouping” of books; although you don’t need to read the other to enjoy this one, if you have read them you’ll enjoy the characters from the other books popping by in this one for a quick check in!

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K. A Bylsma

Good to know. I’ve found that happens in some series… One not quite measuring up…on the whole, I’ve enjoyed the series, so far, having only read the first three.

Amy R

Thanks for the review.