ARC Review: Too Good to Be Real by Melonie Johnson

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ARC Review: Too Good to Be Real by Melonie Johnson
Too Good to be Real

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: July 6th 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 352

“…sweet, funny, incredibly heartfelt…”

~ Under the Covers

“‘Wow,’ Kat said. ‘One week at this place is better than a year of therapy. Who knew pretending to be in a rom-com would lead to all these breakthroughs about our relationship issues?’”

Julia Carpenter is ready to give up on love. Dating apps have replaced the organic, old-fashioned type meetings, and she’s over it.

But, her job is in jeopardy, and in a moment of desperation, she convinces her boss to let her pitch an idea for their new travel-inspired segment on the website she works for. In her research for a truly great idea, she stumbles across a resort on Lake Michigan that offers its guests the full rom-com experience. Of course her boss loves the idea, and Julia talks the owner into allowing her friends to come along.

Moments after stepping foot on the resort’s property, Julia literally runs right into Luke. Both are hiding things from each other, but they can’t deny there’s a major spark between them, something that keeps drawing them together. The following week includes a karaoke serenade, kissing in the rain, and a pair of super aggressive seagulls. Julia and Luke fall hard and fast inside this fantasy bubble, but what will happen when they’re back in the real world?

I absolutely adored this setting. An entire resort dedicated to allowing people to live out their wildest rom-com-inspired dreams? Where do I sign up? Julia and Luke seem like an unlikely pair. Julia is a writer, a creative type. Luke is a programmer, a control-freak. The one thing these two have in common is that they don’t believe the experience could change their minds about love. But it does, and what ensues is sweet, funny, incredibly heartfelt, and also a little spicy! This book read exactly like all of my favorite rom-com movies. From the meet-cute to the grand gesture, I loved every single page.


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About Melonie Johnson

A Star Wars junkie and Shakespeare groupie who quotes both Yoda and the Bard with equal aplomb, award-winning author Melonie Johnson—aka #thewritinglush—is a two-time RWA Golden Heart® finalist who loves dark coffee, cheap wine, and expensive beer. And margaritas. And mimosas. And mules. Basically any cocktail that starts with the letter m. She met her future husband in that most romantic of places—the mall—when they were teenagers working in stores across the hall from each other. They went on to live happily ever after in the suburbs of Chicago with two redhead daughters, a dog that’s more like a small horse, and a trio of hermit crabs. After earning her Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago, Melonie taught high school English and Theatre in the northern Chicago suburbs for several years. Now she writes smart and funny contemporary romance and moonlights as an audiobook narrator under the pseudonym, Evelyn Eibhlin.

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Amy R

Thanks for the review. This book sounds fun and I’m adding to my wishlist.

K. A Bylsma

I’ve read a book or two by Melonie Johnson… She has a great writing “voice”!
Wonderful review and thank you.

Sharlene Wegner

Great review! I have this book on deck to read soon!