ARC Review: Season of the Wolf by Maria Vale

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ARC Review: Season of the Wolf by Maria Vale
Season of the Wolf

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: August 25, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Legend of All Wolves #4
Pages: 309

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“…a paranormal romance with the heart of an urban fantasy.”
~ Under the Covers

The Legend of All Wolves series is unique in the paranormal romance genre in that, it doesn’t have the feel of your typical romance. Over my years as a romance book blogger (of which there are many!) much thought has been given to what exactly it is that defines a romance novel as opposed to any other genre. I have this definition pretty firmly fixed in my head. A romance novel will have a happily ever after (HEA) and the main drive of the book will be the relationship between the people involved in the romance.

Then The Legend of All Wolves series came along, a paranormal romance with the heart of an urban fantasy. There is a HEA in this book and the story does, kind of, centre around our hero and heroine Eve and Constantine. But, the real driver of the story is the Pack. It isn’t enough that Eve and Constantine love each other; what dictates the romance isn’t any internal barrier or emotional obstacle, it’s Wolfish society.

External pressures to a romance isn’t a new concept for the genre of course, but the characters helplessness against it is something I have rarely seen. And, it all stems from Eve who is the Alpha of the Great North pack’s identity. Being Alpha means that the duties and responsibilities of being Alpha comes first, what Eve may want as an individual doesn’t really signify. Pack above self, always. This is the crux of the story, Eve wants Constantine, but the Alpha cannot have him. It was such an interesting idea and was set out in just the right tone. There was no unnecessary angst or hand wringing, it was accepted in the practical way of a Wolf which made the tragedy of it all the more stark.

As I said, this book did have a HEA, but Eve’s position as Alpha binds her in place. It was Constantine, the outsider, once mortal enemy of the Wolves who must work to fit into their way for any chance with Eve. This book really explores the world that Vale has created and the lovingly savage culture of the Wolves. It also harkens back to the first book, but rather than the difficulties of being the lowest member of the pack, instead we look at the complications brought by being at the very top.

I’ve spoken a lot about the book, but not really said too much about what I thought about it, Forever Wolf the previous book to this absolutely destroyed me in the very best of ways and remains one of my favourite books in recent years. This book didn’t quite have that same emotional impact, but it was still an intense and interesting read that I really enjoyed. I like the genre bending style and focus of these books, it’s unique and interesting and seems to lend Vale the freedom to add the unexpected.

If you like an urban fantasy or are a fan of Anne Bishop, then I know you’ll love this series, if you want to try something really unique then also give this a try. This isn’t an easy of traditional romance and I like it all the more for it.


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OMG! For some reason I thought book 3 was the series finale and it isn’t. Yay!!

Sophia Rose

I’ve yet to start, but I have book one ready to go. You ambassadored this series so well that I wonder why I’ve been sitting on it so long. 🙂

Amy R

Thanks for the review.