ARC Review: Bound by Shadows by Kathy Lyon

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ARC Review: Bound by Shadows by Kathy Lyon
Bound by Shadows

2 Stars

Book Info

Released: July 28, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Grizzlies Gone Wild #1
Published by Forever
Pages: 304
Format: eARC

“I liked the idea of it, but I very quickly lost interest in the book.”
~ Under the Covers

Becca is just about handling running her bakery and raising her teenage nephew. However, when her nephew goes missing her world turns upside down, could it be possible that bear shifters exist and that her nephew is one of them? But, bear shifter or not, he has disappeared and she needs the help of the Carl, the big and gorgeous clan leader of the bears to find him.

If a book has bear shifters in it, than I want to at least give it a try. I don’t know what it is about bear shifters that appeal to me more than wolves or cats, maybe because I imagine them as big fuzzy cuddly teddy bears who will rip off the heads of my enemies when needed. Who doesn’t love that? So, I was pretty excited to start Bound by Shadows; however, I realised halfway through was a rerelease of The Bear Who Loved Me, which I had read before.

Much like the first time I read this book, I liked the idea of it, but I very quickly lost interest in the book. Although it’s only short, there just doesn’t seem to be enough going on to sustain the number of pages. A lot of the time seems to be spent waiting around with Carl and Becca mooning after one another. However, there was some great banter between them and they definitely had some smoking hot chemistry, yet still, I did find myself bored by about halfway through and skimming the rest of the book.

I haven’t decided if I want to continue this series, I did like some of the characters from the bear clan and would be intrigued to see them get their HEA. But, this book, I guess if I dig right down to it, I found boring.


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ARC Review: Bound by Shadows by Kathy Lyon
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That’s a shame. I do love bear shifters as well!

Amy R

Bummer, thanks for the review.