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Jono leaned closer, lips brushing over Patrick’s. “You’re my pack. You’re all I need.”

Patrick opened his mouth, drawing Jono in like air, needing him like a heartbeat. He’d get over the jealousy—he would—but right now all Patrick wanted to do was mark Jono in such a way that Bryson and anyone else would know Jono was his. That they were each other’s, and that would never change, no matter what piece of ass walked on by trying to catch Jono’s eye.

Jono laughed against his mouth, whatever he was smelling coming off Patrick amusing him. Patrick bit Jono’s bottom lip in retaliation, but it didn’t stop him from laughing. Jono squeezed his ass with strong fingers.

Patrick pulled back, breathing a little heavily, jeans starting to get a little tight. “Get on the bed.”

“I am on the bed,” Jono said with a wicked smile.

Patrick rolled his eyes before sliding off Jono’s lap. “Lie down on it.”

Jono trailed his hand up Patrick’s inner thigh to cup his cock through his jeans. The way his fingers moved had Patrick rocking into the touch. “Bossy tonight, aren’t you?”

Patrick shoved at Jono’s shoulder. “Get on the bed so I can ride you, or I’ll go take a shower. Alone.”

Jono smirked at him, and the way his eyes darkened told Patrick showering alone wasn’t ever going to be an option. “Lube’s in my luggage.”

Patrick pushed him again, and Jono let himself fall back on his elbows. “Bed.”

Jono laughed, the sound ringing through the hotel room, the same way it rang through their bedroom back home. Sex for Patrick used to be quick fucks while on leave—fast and meaningless and hidden in the dark so his scars wouldn’t show. With Jono there was always laughter, and Patrick hadn’t known what he was missing until Jono showed him.

Jono got out of his clothes before Patrick located the bottle of lube. He tossed it at Jono’s head, but it never found its target. Jono caught it with a smirk before he uncapped it and proceeded to put on a show for Patrick. The way he stroked his cock while never looking away from Patrick was positively illegal.

“If you’re getting yourself ready, you might as well do the same for me,” Patrick said once he was naked and crawling back onto Jono’s lap.

Jono pulled him in for a kiss, slick fingers sliding over Patrick’s ass. “I’ll give you whatever you need, Pat.”

Patrick shivered, less from the finger sliding inside him than from the heavy promise in Jono’s words. Because need was different than want, and Jono seemed to have some sixth sense when it came to Patrick.

He rolled his hips down onto Jono’s finger, the stretch in his body a slight burn. Jono stroked their cocks together using his other hand, and the slow friction was enough to drive Patrick mad. He gripped Jono’s shoulders, digging his fingers into warm skin. He was always so much warmer than Patrick, and even though Patrick would never be able to smell him and the pack scent that lingered between them, the warmth of his body was a comfort.

Jono was a comfort he never wanted to give up.

A second finger slid inside him as Jono kissed a line down Patrick’s throat to his collarbone, nipping at the threads of scar tissue there. The damaged skin and nerves on his chest were an ugly reminder of his childhood that Jono soothed with lips and tongue as Patrick rode his fingers.

“Only person I want is you,” Jono murmured as he pressed his thumb teasingly beneath the head of Patrick’s cock.

Patrick’s breath stuttered from the touch and the way his nerves were set on fire. He chased after Jono’s mouth, undulating between Jono’s warm touch, always wanting more. Jono never stopped touching him, and Patrick could feel the soulbond humming between them, a barrier and balm to the damage already present in Patrick’s soul.



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Excerpt + Giveaway: On the Wings of War by Hailey Turner

On the Wings of War
Book Info

Released: September 2, 2020
Series: Soulbound #5
Pages: 395

Remembering the dead will always give them life.

The coveted Morrígan’s staff is up for sale on the black market to the highest bidder, and SOA Special Agent Patrick Collins will do whatever it takes to ensure the Dominion Sect doesn’t get their hands on it. Returning the weapon to its rightful owner is another step on the long road toward clearing Patrick’s soul debt, but he won’t walk it alone. Jonothon de Vere won’t let him.

Obeying the gods means Patrick must travel to London. For Jono, it means facing a past he thought he’d left behind forever. His return to England isn’t welcome, and neither is their pack, but Jono and Patrick will face the antagonism together. Politics aside, their priority must be the mission, but the bone-chilling secret they uncover in the London god pack will have far-reaching repercussions no one can ignore.

A race against time takes Patrick and Jono from the streets of London to the bright lights of Paris, where hospitality is thin on the ground, the air is filled with whispered prayers for the missing, and the Morrígan’s staff will end up in the one place it should never have gone—a graveyard.

For beneath Paris lie the long-forgotten dead, and when they rise to walk again, the living can only hope to die.

On the Wings of War is a 109k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot and a HFN ending. It is a direct sequel to A Vigil in the Mourning. Reading the first book in the series would be helpful in enjoying this one.





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About Hailey Turner

Hailey Turner is big city girl who spoils her cats rotten and has a demanding day job that she loves, but not as much as she loves writing. She’s been writing since she was a young child and enjoys reading almost as much as creating a new story. Hailey loves stories with lots of action, gritty relationships, and an eventual HEA that satisfies the heart.

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Excerpt + Giveaway: On the Wings of War by Hailey Turner
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*fanningself* thank you the excerpt.

Amy R

Thanks for the excerpt, I need to catch up on this series. I’ve only listened to the first 2 books in the series.