Francesca’s Summer Reading Schedule [ TBR ] 2020

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Is anyone else here a seasonal reader?  While I try to read a variety of books (tropes, genres etc) at any given time of the year, there are certainly some things that I love to read based on the season.  Especially when it comes to Summer and Holiday books.  That’s my two favorites and I may go a little overboard.  This year I decided to pick some fun romcoms and then dip into different genres, like historical romance and paranormal romance which may not be exactly the go-to for me usually in the Summer. But I have a list here of books I’m super excited about.

What are your plans for your summer reading?


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Sophia Rose

Those are good picks. I’ve got You Had Me at Hola on the wish list and Boyfriend Material as an ARC. I like a few summery settings, but mostly I tend to read a variety.

Under the Covers Book Blog

I also need variety although I try to keep even the variety on the light and fun side. Too many of the same same and I get bored.


Love your picks.

Under the Covers Book Blog



I am more inclined to read certain genres by season but to too many.

I am currently on an In Death kick and am looking forward to new releases from Cherise Sinclair, Keri Arthur as well as Kendra Elliott’s Mercy Kilpatrick series and Hailey Edwards Foundling and Necromancy series.

Under the Covers Book Blog

All amazing choices there! I need to read Hailey Edwards!

Sue G.

I love reading Christmas books and I always save one for the last two weeks of the year. It’s always so hectic then and it’s my way of slowing down. I also tend to read summer, fun books all year round.

Under the Covers Book Blog

I probably read summer/fun books all year round as well. And a good Christmas book is perfect for those hectic times at the end of the year.

Amy R

Tools of Engagement by Tessa Bailey, new Hailey Edwards, Daring and the Duke, Engagement and Espionage by Penny Reid, A Touch of Stone and Snow by Milla Vane, Devney Perry, Deal With the Devil by Kit Rocha, Famine by Laura T

Sara J

Yay! Summer loving! I 100% agree.. In the winter I tend to be drawn to more intense books that are heavy reads but in the summer I want fun and steamy and light! Thanks for sharing this awesome list with your readers. I recently finished the perfect rockstar romance book for the summer called “Endless” by Kaylene Winter ( I am happy to say this is BOOK 1 in a romance series and I cannot wait for the next one. It follows “star-crossed lovers” (lol) Ty and Zoey who had a quick and passionate romance before Ty goes on the… Read more »

Tara M

So happy I came across this blog. I have added “A Sweet Mess” and “Endless” to my summer TBR list. Thanks and be safe all