Kindle Unlimited Adventures [8]

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Kindle Unlimited recommendations post. But, in the current crisis, KU is perfect, you can try lots of authors and books without breaking the bank. I mainly read sci fi using my KU, so here are some of my favourite ones from the last few months

You guys know my favourite genre: sci fi romance! I’ve read some fantastic books in this genre, some continuation of series I’ve already started, some brand new to me. All the books I’ve read are pictured below, but I am going to pick out my top 3 recommendations to gush about.

Strange Love
by Ann Aguirre
Galatic Love #1
If you like your alien sci fi romance to be really…out there, and I really do, then you will love this one. We have a beta alien hero resembling Predator who accidentally kidnaps out sassy heroine. And a talking dog. Normally, with the alien romances I read, no matter how different the alien hero looks they still have the same (but bigger and sometimes with accessories) genitalia as a human man. In this book…not so much! It’s a really great read, as well as the romance it has a bite of humour and some action as well.


Alien Conquest
by Honey Phillips
Alien Invasion #1

I’ve actually read this entire series (to date) and absolutely loved it. It ticks all my boxes. Big, protective and adorable alpha heroes, yup! A fated mates vibe, I’m all for it. A different kink in each book, gimme gimme. Aliens with horns, nuff said. I’ve read several series from Honey Phillips and enjoyed them all, however, this one has to be my favourite, it has a great balance of humour, action and some smoking hot alien sex.

Silent Lucidity
By Tiffany Roberts
The Infinite City #1

Tiffany Roberts is one of my favourite authors! I normally talk about her Kraken series…because it’s amazing. However, the husband-wife author team also have The Infinite City series. It’s a sci fi romance with the vibe of a high fantasy book. I love it! Currently there are 4 books out in this series, so plenty to dive in and enjoy.





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What are your recommendations?

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Kindle Unlimited Adventures [8]
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Broken Earth looks like it could be interesting. Thanks!


Thank you Suzanne

Amy R

Hell Squad series by Anna Hackett. I need to check out The Infinite City and Alien Invasion.