ARC Review: The Sinner by J.R. Ward

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ARC Review: The Sinner by J.R. Ward
The Sinner

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: March 24, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #19
Published by Gallery Books
Pages: 511
Format: Hardcover

“THE SINNER was a solid addition to the series and it felt like the end of a chapter.”
~ Under the Covers

Another BDB book and one that I was particularly excited for because the Dhestroyer prophecy would come to pass.  By now you probably know that you should read these books in order, right?  We’ve been waiting for this moment seems like forever.  And then we have Devina that should be coming into the mix as a crossover from the Fallen Angels series.  Both of those things were the reasons why I was dying tor read this book.  The HEA? Maybe not that much.  I think both of the main characters in this book were not as developed before, and because we didn’t know them too much I didn’t have the anticipation to see them get together.

Now, I want to keep this review spoiler free so I’ll try to give you my opinions keeping that in mind.

First and foremost… the romance.

This was actually one of my favorite things about this book.  Jo Early and Syn are not a flashy couple, and not as steamy as some of the previous books either, but they somehow made sense together.  Even if it was a bit insta-lovey and if you know me that’s not my favorite thing.  But Jo Early in particular is a good female lead, she’s got a good head on her shoulders and I think she balanced Syn being maybe the complete opposite.

I wish we could’ve explored more Syn’s darker side.  He’s had urges to kill for so long and in a way I was looking forward to exploring a bit of that in this book. I admit I was disappointed when that didn’t happen and this story went in a completely different direction than I was expecting.

The Prophecy and the Brothers

This has been building for a long time, maybe even being dragged out too.  The Omega weakening and Butch risking his life to achieve the ultimate goal.  I was sooo excited to see an epic battle, maybe with some awful results in the end because why not? My heart loves being tortured by J.R. Ward.  Instead, I found it all a bit anti-climactic.  Yes, fun, it wasn’t terrible. But I had expectations for so much more.

Other characters and side stories

All the side stories in this book were 100% related to the story at hand and I liked that about this book.  It kept it pretty focused in a way that some of the previous books aren’t.  However, at the same time I think having a little side story that can give us a nice glimpse into a future couple would’ve been a nice addition.

We get some Devina in this book and as far as her performance in this book I can’t say I was so excited to have her there.  Except for one scene with Butch that made me think back to some of the times I actually liked her and my heart softened for her in the Fallen Angels series.  I guess we have to wait and see more of her role.

Butch and V fans rejoice!  We get plenty of our boys and I enjoyed every bit of it.  I think these two have a special bond and I always love seeing Ms. Ward show us that.

And then there’s Lassiter.  Honestly, I wanted to see him more in this book but the one scene with V will forever be a classic.  Also how he makes up for doing it.  Now, I have a theory about his HEA and I can’t wait to see if I’m right.


Overall, I think this book did suffer a bit with mundane information that maybe wasn’t relevant to the story nor did it provide humor.  The first part of the book especially felt like it dragged on.  But I love these characters enough to have enjoyed what we got to see.  Even if the pacing and the steam wasn’t quite what I’m used to from J.R. Ward.  THE SINNER was a solid addition to the series and it felt like the end of a chapter.



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ARC Review: The Sinner by J.R. Ward
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Thanks for the review Francesca

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Thanks for the review.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very well done and spoiler-free!