ARC Review: An Inconvenient Duke by Anna Harrington

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ARC Review: An Inconvenient Duke by Anna Harrington
An Inconvenient Duke

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: February 25 2020
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Lords of the Armory #1
Pages: 352

“I think fans of Sabrina Jeffries will like Ms. Harrington’s take on historical romance.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been reading Anna Harrington for a few years and although I’m a few books behind on her releases I was so excited to jump into a new series by her!  I think fans of Sabrina Jeffries will like Ms. Harrington’s take on historical romance.

AN INCONVENIENT DUKE brings us our hero Marcus.  He’s a former general and after coming back from the war a decorated hero and reluctantly he has taken his title of Duke.  But his main purpose right now is to figure out what happened to his sister.  Supposedly she died in a horse accident at the park, but what he finds upon his return home spells of foul play and his only source of information is his sister’s best friend.  The woman who wrote to give him the news.  And she’s avoiding him at all costs, worrying about hiding secrets of her own.

I loved the mystery aspect of this story.  It was like reading a good spy historical romance but without the political intrigue.  It kept me reading and wanting to know more.  Was it hard to figure out?  Not really. The clues basically jump out at you.  But it was still a nice ride trying to figure out where the danger was coming from and who had killed the Duke’s sister while navigating London society.

Then there’s the romance.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s an enemies to lovers but there’s definitely some of those types of sparks between these two.  They’re both headstrong and strong willed.  I couldn’t help but admire the heroine for her secret.  I ended up really admiring what she was trying to do and I also enjoyed how the author worked that specific issue in the end for the long term of their relationship.  Sorry if that’s vague, I don’t want to spoil the book!

I’m definitely excited for the rest of this series.  We got to see a little glimpse of the Duke’s friends and I can tell their books will also be highly entertaining.



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About Anna Harrington

I fell in love with historical romances and all things Regency—and especially all those dashing Regency heroes—while living in England, where I spent most of my time studying the Romantic poets, reading Jane Austen, and getting lost all over the English countryside.

When I read my first Regency romance in 2012, I was hooked and longed to create my own independent and spirited heroines and dashing heroes. The best part of writing historical romances is falling into history—to live in the world of Regency England through my characters, with dazzling balls, beautiful dresses, and gorgeous houses that I would otherwise never be able to experience. I love the period’s rich history and find that all those rules of etiquette and propriety can be worked to the heroine’s advantage…if she’s daring enough to seize her dreams.

In addition to earning my degrees in the U.S., I have studied theatre in London, Mexican history in Guadalajara, and Spanish in Ecuador. I am an avid traveler and have enjoyed visiting schools and volunteering with children's organizations in Peru, Ecuador, Thailand, and Mexico, and I have amassed thousands of photos I unleash on unsuspecting friends who dare to ask about my travels.

I love to be outdoors! I've been hiking in Alaska, the Andes, and the Alps, including one week spent dangling off the via ferrata in the Italian Dolomites, and I love whitewater rafting (when I don't fall in!). I earned my pilot’s license at Chicago Midway (To all the controllers in Chicago Center—I greatly apologize for every problem I caused for you and Southwest Airlines), and it is my dream to one-day fly in a hot-air balloon over Africa.

I adore all things chocolate, shamelessly dive into ice cream of any flavor, and guzzle Kona coffee by the gallon. A Doctor Who fanatic (everyone says my house is bigger on the inside), I am a terrible cook who hopes to one day use my oven for something other than shoe storage. When I'm not writing, I like to spend my time trying not to kill the innocent rose bushes in my garden.


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Amy R

Thanks for the review.


I will have to add this to my tbr


Sounds good. Thanks for the review Francesca


I enjoyed this book and feel your review was spot on.