Review: Weight Expectations by M.E. Carter

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Review: Weight Expectations by M.E. Carter
Weight Expectations

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: October 15, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Cipher Office #1

“This book felt more like a women’s fiction heavy on the romance rather than a romance novel.”
~ Under the Covers

Rian Thompson has joined the gym on order from her doctor to get healthy. True, she is carrying a little more, okay a lot more, weight, than most, but she’s mostly happy. She has a stable job, a nice family… However, she gets far more than she expected when she joins, in the form of the specimen of perfect manhood: Carlos Davies. Carlos Davies can’t get Rian out of his mind. Not only because her beautiful curves, but also because he likes her. She’s smart, she’s feisty and he knows just one night of meaningless sex would never be enough. Unfortunately that’s all he has to offer.

This is the first in the Smartypants books I have read. The Smartypants books are spin offs from Penny Reid’s Winston Brother/Knitting in the City series. But, instead of Reid writing in the world and with some of the background characters she has created, other authors have taken over the wheel.

I am a HUGE fan of Penny Reid, I love her brand of smart and sexy romances, so I admit I was a little anxious seeing another authors name on something she had created. Now I have finished the book, I am really glad I tried it and although it wasn’t quite what I expected I still really enjoyed it. In fact, I blame Rian for my recent gym membership! Sadly, I am yet to spot a Carlos from my vantage point on the treadmill.

I think the issue I had with Weight Expectations is that I wanted more romance, I wanted more time on the page between Carlos and Rian. However, there isn’t actually that much interaction between them for the first half of this book. And even in the last part of the book it felt like we were told that they were falling in love and spending time together rather than very much of this being shown on page. This book felt more like a women’s fiction heavy on the romance rather than a romance novel.

But I did really like Rian’s character, she really carried this book for me. I am already a fan of books with curvy heroines and Rian encapsulates the characteristic of a fat heroine I love. She was confident, but, like most women no matter what their size, she still had a few body image issues. But, it wasn’t something that took over her life, she was sassy, funny, smart and beautiful. Sadly, Carlos didn’t come alive for me like Rian did, although I liked him he wasn’t a hero I immediately swooned for or connected with.

Where Weight Expectations excelled was in Rian’s character and I enjoyed seeing her journey, so it was a good read in that respect, however, it didn’t quite deliver the fantastic romance that I was expecting.


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Sophia Rose

Fun! I didn’t realize exactly what this series was when I saw it in passing earlier last month. Glad Rian was a fab heroine and hope in the next one that you’ll adore both leads and their romance.


Great review. Categorizing the type of book seems to be an issue recently and mostly with the romance/women’s fiction area. I find I am disappointed when I’m expecting one type of book but it’s something different, which then has an effect on how I feel when I finish it.

Rian does sound pretty awesome!

Vicki B

Great review – I have been seeing a rather large increase of books telling us the couple is in love rather than seeing that love grow through on-page interactions – which is my favorite part to read about! I can’t feel their romance from just sentences telling me they have a major connection!

Amy R

Thanks for the review, this is on my wishlist.


Thanks for the review Suzanne