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No Disclaimers Book Tag


If you spend any time on BookTube you may have seen the very popular book tags, so we thought it would be fun to jump in on some of them and share our opinions with you all.  And of course, letting you all hear it straight from the source (read video) is always more fun.



Share with us in the comments below your answers!



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I have to agree about wellsie and then tohr’s romance as well as maria vale.

Sophia Rose

I enjoyed seeing your answers, Suzanne. I love book tags. I don’t really pick my books based on tropes, but I will avoid a book b/c it has a certain trope/s in it. That’s an interesting point about power balance being at the heart of what you don’t like. I think for me that it can come down to selfishness- I can’t stand when that crops up whether its a person who holds onto secrets, who rushes stupidly into danger, hides a guy’s baby from him, is cruel or generally unkind. Yeah, I just give up on that book. Good… Read more »


I haven’t read another BDB book after she killed off Welsie. I agree on Twilight and Fifty Shades. I love Dark romance and age gaps too. Nothing annoys me more than everything happening in the last 10%

Amy R

I dislike books with excessive angst, cheating, love triangles and where a misunderstanding goes on thru the whole book.
I’m not a fan of weak characters heroines and heroes.
I agree about Wellsy.
I agree that I dislike everything happens at the very end.
I have enjoyed everything I’ve read by Tiffany Roberts so far.