#Romanceopoly Mid Year Update | Annie

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This may be a little late considering I’m calling it a mid-year update but we’re just going to go with it.  I’ve seen a lot of people already way farther than me and congrats to you if you’re not feeling the pressure.  Now is time for Annie’s update and a peak at how she’s tracking in her planner for this challenge.

Don’t know what Romanceopoly is about?
Find out more here



To check out the books that I’ve read, head over to YouTube.
They are linked in the information below the video.  Click here!

Are you participating?  What have you landed on?


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I’m jealous of both planners. I don’t know that I would do as well as you keeping them in 2 different planners though. I really like the books read/book review printouts in the smaller planner.

Sophia Rose

It was fun seeing how you set up your challenge pages in both planners and glad you included where you went for your pages. I need to keep reading that Bec McMaster series. Dukes Are Forever sounds good.

Darynda Jones

I am in love with your planners! And it was fun to see how you organize your reading. Thanks for the recs! They are both in my TBR pile. xox


Thank you Annie

Amy R

Thanks for the post and your planner is great.