Today we have an exciting announcement about a new event coming in September that we hope you all join us and participate.  We teamed up with the lovely Stephanie over at Ideally Inspired Reviews to bring you a readathon!  Stephanie has been book blogging for many years.  Her old site was No BS Book Reviews which had to be shut down recently due to some technical issues.  She’s re-branded and re-launched and we wanted to help her celebrate her new name and new site by hosting this readathon which is based on names and getting to know each other better.  We hope that you not only join us in this week long reading event by, obviously, reading.  But also share a little bit more about yourself every day on social media.  We want to use this opportunity to build community and find new bookish friends!

We’ve also made a video announcement over on YouTube and you can watch that below.

Here’s how it’s going to work:


The readathon will take place September 16 thru September 22, 2019


You will make up your choices of books to read based on your name, nickname, social media handle, blog name, whatever name you choose to use.  For example, Stephanie is using the 9 letters on her name while Francesca is going with a nickname and only using Fran for this challenge.

We’ve assigned each letter a corresponding prompt or reading challenge.  There’s actually 2 choices per letter.  This was with the intention of anyone with multiples of the same letter in their name so they can have some variety but you can choose either or do the same prompt for the same letter. Up to you.

Download the Prompts


We are also doing some “get to know you” challenges on social media daily and we would love it if you join us for that as well.  You don’t have to be doing the readathon to do the social media prompts.  We also encourage you to participate and engage with other people during the readathon on their social media posts.  The challenge prompts are listed below.  You can do this by following the hashtag #nameathon




Every day during the readathon Stephanie and one of us here at UTC will be going LIVE on Instagram so we can chat about the daily prompt and hopefully also have a chance to chat live with you guys.  The time for this is still to be determined.

TBR + More Info:

Stay tuned about a week before the readathon starts to see what we plan to read and give you any final details (like the IG Live times).  If any other questions come up between now and then we will also address them at that time so everyone is on the same page.


And that’s it!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and be sure to follow @utcbookblog and @ideallyinspiredreviews as well as the hashtag #nameathon



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#Nameathon - Readathon Announcement
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This is a really neat idea to get some reading done and get to know fellow readers as well.

Sophia Rose

Now, that is a fun-sounding readathon. I’ll have to see if I can swing it. Congrats to Stephanie on getting restarted.


This sounds like fun!

Chris Alexander

This sounds fun.

Amy R

Sounds like a fun idea.

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