Can you believe it’s been 8 years since Under the Covers started? It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I received a message in my Goodreads mailbox from Francesca and Annie asking if I wanted to start a blog. I even have that message saved! Saying hell yeah was one of my best decisions as although running a blog is a lot of hard work and long hours…it’s also a lot of fun.

So, we invite you to join in our blogiversary party this week to celebrate 8 years of Under the Covers. We have some fantastic videos lined up and some big giveaways as a thank you for supporting and following us. Here’s to many more fantastic years!


We’ve been asking for about a month to have you send in some questions and we would answer any of them.  So it’s time to get to know us a little better.  Thank you so much for sending these in!  If there’s anything else you want to know, just leave it down in the comments 😉


Under the Covers is graciously giving away



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You guys are such a blessing for my romance loving heart.. I remember how happy I was to find a purely adult romance blog /youtube channel. Happy 8th! now onwards to the 10th and hopefully we would be around to celebrate the 16th one day!


I could watch you two all day. Great video!


Great post! Tha Thank you for answering the questions and for all you do.

Kathy Valentine

Love the hair beautiful ladies!!! I love these video’,s!!! I have followed for a very long time!!! Your blog is fabulous!! Bdb series is f##king awesome!!! Love this q&a !! I will leave the blogging to you ladies ,you do a hell of a job!! Shared on my socials!!???


Happy Blogiversary! Y’all really go above and beyond.

Dawn Roberto

What great videos you guys have and I love finding some new authors to enjoy. Thanks for all the great posts and videos.

Sophia Rose

Fun Q&A. I was very struck by how blogging does affect my reading taste, quantity, and quality. Trying the new is probably my biggest thing, too. I’m anticipating more than half of the ones you mentioned coming out in the rest of the year.


Thanks for sharing the great Q&A. Happy Blogiversary!


I love your blog and youtube videos! Keep up the goodwork ladies!

E. R.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, ladies. Truly appreciated. ? Next, you did good, Suzanne. Love you wig choices. ?. Francesca, ? as always. Lastly, can you include your signatures on a cardstock or on the mugs? If the four !it’s are the last ones, it would be so cool to have one or more of the signatures of the UTC ladies includes with them. Only for the mugs winners; if you want to add them to the bundles, it’s up to you. I just think the mugs need some extra oomph to them. Keep up… Read more »

Sue G.

You guys are so fun! Thanks for all you ladies do!


Thanks for all the Q&A – especially the Answers! 😉 Happy Blogiversary!!!


You all make it look easy, but we know it’s not…thanks for everything!


Thanks for answering our questions! I’m excited for Sapphire Flames too!


Happy Blogiversary! I love watching your videos.

Misty Swafford

I tried to leave a comment yesterday right after I watched the video but my computer was acting up on me. I managed to do the tweet and then it froze and when I tried to come back it wouldn’t open the site for some reason. Anyways all of that to say I have forgotten what I wanted to say so I will just say congrats on 8 years and hopefully there are many more to come. Also thank you so much for the chance.

Laura Lovejoy- Brunk

I usually listen to an audio book and read a book at the same time.
I have met authors at signing that i wanted or have read books of, and they were soo rude or stuck up and treated me like a bother that i will NEVER read now.
Im constantly changing up troupes that i read so i dont get bored. I rarely get hooked on a series that i have to finish asap, but im thrilled when it happens.
I never realized how much time you guys spent daily for us….Thank you for all you do!!!

Sue G.

Happy 8th blogiversary


Happy Blogiversary Thank you for all the hard work that makes UTCBB so wonderful


I love your videos and hearing you guys talk about books. Please keep doing it!


I really enjoyed getting to know you guys better.


Happy Blogiversary!! Thanks for the video.

Cheryl C.

Wishing you many more years of blogging.

Cassandra D

Happy 8th Blogiversary !!!

Amy R

I can’t listen to audiobooks at regular speed, I listen at 1.5. I can’t wait for Archangel’s War, The Rise of Magicks, Sapphire Flames, Brazen and the Beast, The Wallflower Wager and Highland Ever After (I’ve been waiting 6yrs for this one).