The Savior by J.R. Ward – Spoilery Discussion

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You all know how much we love and adore the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  It was the thing that brought us UTC ladies together in the first place more than 8 years ago.  Through the years, this has been our number 1 series!  But we seem to have different opinions on the latest release.  You can check out Suzanne’s review here.  I just had some things to get off my chest and I would love to know if I’m alone in feeling some of these things and what you all thought of it.  So I put those spoilery thoughts in a video.  Check it out.




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You’re definitely not alone in your thoughts. Like you, I love this series and I come to each new book expecting to be overwhelmed and captivated. This is the first BDB book that took me days to read because it was just “meh”. I rated the book 2 stars, which was so hard to do. I felt horrible that I didn’t love the book, but it was definitely a case of unmet expectations. Here’s what didn’t work for me: 1. There was lost opportunity in dealing with what happened at the sympath colony, and the “fix” was too easy at… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

I can agree with so much you’ve said. And I forgot to mention Rehv but I felt the same. He could’ve cleared things up, he knows what was done to him and why he’s acted the way he did back then. All in all there were too many missed opportunities and had those been explored this could’ve been a kickass story! Murhder would’ve had so much depth if we dug deeper into all these things and maybe if that had been stronger I could’ve overlooked the weak romance. :/ Glad we can at least feel like we are not alone… Read more »


I’m several book behind. I loved this series and then for a bit there it was a few books of just ‘eh’ for me. Then reading reviews for the last few books has made me hesitant. Also, I’m not reading the legacy books and am missing some things from those books. So, for now they are on my tbr ;-/

Under the Covers Book Blog

I feel like maybe 2 books ago (and with this one 3) it’s been on a bit of shaky ground. When you do dive back in I would say at a minimum you have to read book 2 in the Legacy after THE BEAST. I think the rest can be optional, but I’ve actually enjoyed the Legacy books more than the past few actual BDB books.


I haven’t read so can’t add to the discussion


Well, I can relate with all of you have said. But… didn’t anyone felt, that at the beginning the point was to make Xhex look as a cheater? at least emotionally? TOTALLY AGAINST THAT. Not fair after all they been through. Plus, why on earth, John didn’t sign as Therror in The Wall?? Why didn’t Lassiter say something that at least give the slightest clue about John’s past as Darius?? He already WAS a Brother. Murhder only thought about something, when he saw the “birthmark” scar. Why was so easy for Sarah to be accepted in the mansion, after all… Read more »