New Releases for April 16, 2019

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New Releases for April 16, 2019
The Rose
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Released: April 16th 2019
Genre: Erotic Romance

Bestselling author Tiffany Reisz returns with an imaginative tale of lust and magic, and the dangers unleashed when the two are combined…

On the day of Lia’s university graduation party, her parents—wealthy art collectors with friends in high places—gift her a beautiful wine cup, a rare artifact decorated with roses. It’s a stunning gift, and one that August Bowman, a friend of her parents and a guest at Lia’s party, also has his eye on. The cup, August tells her, is known as the Rose kylix, and it’s no ordinary cup. It was used in the temple ceremonies of Eros, Greek god of erotic love, and has the power to bring the most intimate sexual fantasies to life.

But Lia is skeptical of August’s claims of the cup’s mythology and magic—after all, he’s a collector himself, and she suspects he just wants to get his hands on this impressive piece of art. So he dares her to try it for herself, and when Lia drinks from the Rose kylix she is suddenly immersed in an erotic myth so vivid it seems real—as though she’s living out the most sensual fantasy with August by her side…

Realizing the true power of this ancient and dangerous relic, Lia is even more wary of giving it up, though August insists it is only safe with him. He’s willing to pay the full value of the cup, but Lia has another type of trade in mind. One that finds them more tangled up in each other—and in fantasy—than either was prepared for.

** Other new releases this past week are below, separated by genre. 



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Tombstones by K.C. Enders
Promise Me by Robin Bielman, Samanthe Beck
Ghosted by Rina Kent
Crash by Harper Dallas
Tempting Christa by Tracie Delaney, M.A. Comley
Scary Hot by K.D. Robichaux
Until Midnight by Gwendolyn Grace
Until Mani by Rochelle Paige
Until Mercy by CC Monroe
Until Merri by Suzanne Halliday
Until Ellory by Elle Jefferson
Until Her Smile by Samantha Lind
Until Tennessee by Sarah O’Rourke
Until Fools Find Gold by Mary B. Moore
Until Valerie by Jessica Marin
Until I Make You Mine by Jenika Snow
Until Twyla by Ella Fox
Rise Up by Alison Mello
Until Mayhem by Layla Frost
Forgiven by Carrie Aarons
Best I’ve Ever Had by Abbi Glines
Mad About Moon by Melissa Foster
Until the Tequila by Brynne Asher
The Last Dance by Aimee Brown
Twisted Pride by Cora Reilly
My Life in Shambles by Karina Halle
Breaking Without You by Carrie Ann Ryan


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Until the Lightning Strikes by Elle Christensen
Gluttony by K. Webster
Praying for Rain by B.B. Easton
Bad Boy Blues by Saffron A. Kent
Time by Penny Reid


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Love Me by Olivia Cunning
Vow of Obedience by Brianna Hale
Pervade London by Vanessa Fewings
The Mister by E.L. James


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An Anatomy of Beasts by Olivia A. Cole
Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett
All for One by Melissa de la Cruz


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Three Star Island by Kat Caulberg


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Darkness Returns by Alexandra Ivy


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Secrets Unsealed by Marie Harte
Conceited by T.L. Smith


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Amnesty by Lara Elena Donnelly

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If you pick up only one book this week, we think you should consider these!

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Thanks for the list.

Did anyone notice all the books with the word ‘Until’ in the title? 🙂


Thanks for the lists and recs

Kathy Valentine

Awesome new releases and recommendations!! Shared on my socials!??

Amy R

Thanks for the post, looking forward to a few of these releases.