Top Shelf Reads: April 2019

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Each of us girls have very definite tastes here at Under the Covers. We know what we like and we get excited about sharing this with you. We can’t help but share when our favourite books are coming out and want to share the joy with as many people as we can. And this is one of the ways we want to do it. Each month we will give you our pick of the bunch, the cream of the crop, the top shelf books! Basically, the ones that we are just itching for you to get your hands on. The kind of books where the year wait is always worth it; where you may have drawn plans to go a little Kathy Bates, but with less sledgehammer action and more hot cups of tea and custard creams – we don’t want to scare the muse away after all. These are the books we are just dying for you to read next month!

[new-release title=”Serious Moonlight” author=”Jenn Bennett”]

Well, colour me surprised. If I am honest, I picked up Serious Moonlight because I loved the cover, it’s so cute. However, I was berating myself for letting my id take control and grab the ARC. I don’t like contemporary YA. Too many teenagers with too many feelings, my eyes can’t handle all the rolling.  But, what do you know? I loved it. I admit, it took me about 10% to get into it, but once I was past that I raced through. I loved it. I liked both the main couple and the quirky set of secondary characters that made this story such a delight. I liked the mystery that wove the narrative and characters together. It was a great read and I’ll definitely be looking at Bennett’s other YA contemporary books and maybe take another chance.

[new-release title=”When We Left Cuba” author=”Chanel Cleeton”]

This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2019.  I fell in love with this family and this world last year after reading NEXT YEAR IN HAVANA and I couldn’t wait to dig into this companion novel.  You don’t have to read NYIH to read this one but why wouldn’t you read both they are both amazing!  But back to Beatriz’s story.  If you liked THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO you will enjoy this story.  Beatriz is such an interesting and fierce woman.  I admired her strength and determination to follow her passion.  The romance swept me off my feet and it took me on a rollercoaster ride.  And at the end, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending.  Except that I wanted to stay there and read more.

[new-release title=”Death of a Wedding Cake Baker” author=”Lee Hollis”]

I’m so excited for you guys to read this book! DEATH OF A WEDDING CAKE BAKER comes from one of my favorite Cozy Mystery authors! Lee Hollis does a fantastic job of creating a wedding themed novel. Now, I’m actually not a huge fan of wedding books, but this one worked because I really liked the conflict in it. Hayley’s friend is finally getting married, but there’s a lot of tension between the bride, her mother, and her cousin who is the one baking her wedding cake. Alongside this, Hollis does a great job of including some fun moments, so it really is a fun book all around. I hope you all enjoy it!

[new-release title=”Gimme Some Sugar” author=”Molly Harper”]

After binging on the previous books in the series, I couldn’t help getting excited for Gimme Some Sugar. The characters in this series are  quirky, funny, and so easy to relate to. They say things that you wouldn’t typically say in RL, but I’m sure they are things you would only say in your head.  Just like the previous books, Gimme Some Sugar is filled with Southern charm, light humor, and small town love. If you like, rom-com small town reads, this book is worth a try.  



What book are you most anticipating in April?
Let us know in the comment box below!


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Kathy Valentine

Awesome recommendations ladies!! Shared on my socials!??


Thanks for the recs


I’m looking forward to wolfhunter river.


I’m waiting for American Witch, Thea Harrison’s newest book, at the end of the month. I’m also looking forward to Demon Magic and a Martini, book 4 in Annette Marie’s Guild Codex UF series.

Amy R

The Slow Burn by Kristen Ashley – April 30th
Time by Penny Reid – April 15th so I can finally read this trilogy