Romance 101: Romantic Suspense

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As promised we’d like to continue giving you an opportunity to dive into the world of Romance and all it has to offer.  And today’s installment of Romance 101 is all about a requested genre – Romantic Suspense!





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Cherry adair’s t-flac series was my introduction to this genre so it holds precedence for me. I would include the look book series by linda lael miller with cindy gerard’s black ops series and the first few books in roxanne st claire’s bullet catchers series are pretty good.

Kathy Valentine

Awesome video Annie!!! Some awesome recommendations too! Shared on my socials!??

Sophia Rose

I love Romantic Suspense and yet I haven’t read half of the great romantic suspense authors/series out there. I just read the first 12 In Death series books last year and my first Catherine Mann this year. I still need to try Cindy Gerard.

My favorite element is when its a band of brothers, particularly former military guys and gals in a series.

Great summation, Annie!

Amy R

It’s been a while since I’ve read romantic suspense, Susan Anderson was one of the first romantic suspense authors I’ve read.


Thanks Annie! Wild Card by Lora Leigh is one of my faves