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Romance 101: Intro + Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we thought, what better way to celebrate than to talk about Romance!  We are starting a new series where we will be covering all topics related to the romance genre.  Kicking things off this week we will talk about subgenres, tropes and character types and give you some recommendations along the way.  This will be perfect for the newbie romance reader feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start.  But maybe it may have some information that you may not have been clear on if you’re a seasoned romance reader.  After this week, this will become a monthly feature so please be sure to let us know what other topics you’d like us to cover!



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Sue G.

I love finding new authors. Most of the new authors I have tried come from recommendations from the blogging community.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Maybe we’ll put an underrated authors/books list together!


I like this idea as I love finding new authors, too.

Jessica T.

I would like to see discussions about the different subgenres of romance and some recommendations for each one on Romance 101.

Under the Covers Book Blog

That’s exactly what we will be doing this week 😉

Misty S.

I love the idea of a blind date with a book especially for romance because I love me some romance and I know that y’all read different sub genres that I don’t usually read and I am trying to branch out.

Kathleen Bylsma

Blind date with as book is a great idea….introducing readers to books they may not otherwise read.

Kathleen Bylsma

I answered from FB page…not sure why not showing up here….but love the Bild date concept….intro to new to me authors….thanks

Mineliz Medina

I think this is an excellent idea. Most offer than not I am lost as to how to categorize a book’s genre or subgenre. I can’t wait to see more of your videos

Mary Preston

I love a good villain.


Hmmm I don’t know probably debut authors


New authors give me a bigger variety of reads.


I think some people don’t understand the definition of trope (I do), perhaps you could help them understand. Some seem to mix it with setting or subgenre.

Under the Covers Book Blog

They definitely do! We’ll talk a bit about what tropes are in our next few videos, but maybe we should go a little deeper after that if there’s still questions. 🙂

Kathy Valentine

Awesome video suzanne!!! Really enjoyed is breakdown of the romance genre’s!! Shared on my socials!! P.s. Love the hair totally rocking this look!!???

Sophia Rose

This will be fun. Honestly, no specific definitions or specifics about tropes or romance elements come to mind for discussion. Oh wait, I have one. I get confused about ‘chick lit’. Is it women’s fiction or is it contemporary romance or romantic comedy?

Under the Covers Book Blog

I always see chick lit as the funny women’s fiction version. So about the characters’ journey and maybe it has romance but maybe not. Definitely we can try and talk more about that in one.


A blog post of the best books in different tropes would be interesting, such as best friends (or enemies) to lovers trope.

Amy McNeece

Love all of your guys recommendations!!

John Smith

“Leave a comment telling us some of the things you’d like us to cover in our new romance 101 series.” Clever, fun books that are very witty and original!

E. R.

Great introduction to the romance genre. What if add some romance authors in this format: if you like (this author), then authors like so and so (ex: if you like J. R. Ward, you may enjoy (this author) and (that author) for one). Also maybe have authors that transcends genre (like sub-genre within romance OR from mystery to romance) like Catherine Counter, Nora Roberts, etc.I I may also be reaching far, but maybe even add some authors/books that is primarily a different genre (mystery, fantasy, thriller, etc.) with romance in the backgeound; that is still considered part of the romance… Read more »


A listing of your best recommendations in each genre, subgenre, and trope. Overview of the storyline and characters in each series. Author interviews for your recommendations.


M/M and yaoi, of course!

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

This sounds like a great way t read something different !

Dawn Dalrymple

I love the idea of blind date with a book, so cool!!


I know some of you read SF Romance and that’s something I’ve just started to get into so a discussion of that would be great.

Dawn M. Roberto

Different sub-genres and maybe something explaining the difference between reverse harem and Poly/Menage romance stories.

Amy R

I love PNR and urban fantasy and I am on the lookout for more of these types of series.
I would like to see something on older series like stuff by SEP, Rachel Gibson and Jennifer Crusie.
I would like a highlight on books with H/h over 35.
I would like something specif to audiobooks as I mainly listen to audiobooks.


Great idea Looking forward to discovering new authors


Intro to new authors


I have to say its new authors! I love finding new ones that I have not heard of before!

Kim Perry

I would love to get recommendations for different genres.


I would love to see how the romance genre has developed during the years.

Maria Theresa Santos

New authors


Finding new authors and recs. thanks for the chance <3


I’ve read some pretty amazing debut author so far and I’d love to meet more. I would love recs from beta readers.