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Romance 101: Historical Romance + Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we thought, what better way to celebrate than to talk about Romance!  We are starting a new series where we will be covering all topics related to the romance genre.  Kicking things off this week we will talk about subgenres, tropes and character types and give you some recommendations along the way.  This will be perfect for the newbie romance reader feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start.  But maybe it may have some information that you may not have been clear on if you’re a seasoned romance reader.  After this week, this will become a monthly feature so please be sure to let us know what other topics you’d like us to cover!



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Francesca Bertucci

I’ve read a couple of historical but it really hard to find ones from Asia

Sue G.

I love the bad boy Lord who doesn’t believe that he will ever settle down until she walks into his life!

Tammy V

I like the ones where they have unusual jobs or hobbies. Like detective or puzzle makers for instance. Also the ones where the female is a bluestocking.


Arranged marriage, or marriage of convenience

Misty S.

Historical books tend to be hit or miss for me and honestly up to this point most of the historical books I’ve read have been misses.


The arrogant/will never love hero and the ‘this is who I am’ heroine.


I love spinsters/bluestockings, romances where there are class differences, or that feature characters who aren’t necessarily of the nobility, and marriages of convenience.

Sophia Rose

I do love the range of historical eras and settings that can be found in this genre. I think some of my favorite tropes of the governess romances, the arranged marriages, and mail-order brides/marriage of conveniences. 🙂


My favorite historical trope is marriage of convenience.


Reformed rake

Diane Sallans

I enjoy arranged marriages – as long as both parties agree willingly.

John Smith

“Leave a comment and tell us your favorite historical romance trope to read.” Darcy-Darcy-Darcy. Or a Duke. Or the Duke of Darcy.

Dawn Dalrymple

historical romance started my love of reading, coming back to it is so relaxing and fun! The wallflower is my fave trope

Janie McGaugh

I love the reformed rake.

E. R.

My all-time fave trope that transcends sub-genre is friends-to-lovers. But I love Highlander/English (where a Highlander falls for an English and vice versa) trope in this sub-genre.


I tend to read more historicals than any other type of romance. I have a lot of wanna buy and must buy authors, but if I don’t know the author’s work, I’m more likely to pick up a book if the heroine is a bluestocking, a wallflower, or a spinster and/or if the main charachters are not the typical ones from the nobility.

Kim Perry

I love arranged marriages, marriages of convenience, and bluestockings.

Mineliz Medina

This is one of my favorite genres and I am always struggling with finding good authors or stories. I’ll try some of your recs. Thanks.

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

I love the ” kidnapped” theme or enemies to lovers. Some of my favorites historical romance authors are Mary Balough and Kate Pearce.

Maria Theresa Santos

I love arrranged marriage


Arranged or forced marriage and single parent.

Nancy Jones

I like them all.


I enjoy reading friends (or enemies) to lovers tropes.

Amy R

What always confuses me is the specific period Regancy, Elizabethan, Tudor, Victorian and ect to know the actual year time frame.
I like time travel romances.


I love time travel books to England or Scotland


Secret royalty and/or gender-flip will work!

Kristiana S

I rarely read historical romance. When i read them, i love to read Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Sarah MacLean, Shana Galen.

Joanne B

Marriage of convenience and surprise baby.


Blue stocking heroine Worldy hero, Rake and the Wallflower. Plucky heroine ,Alpha asshole hero…..grovelling at the end.. You get the picture… I have a type, sorry not sorry. lol

Linda B.

I just love historicals, my favorite genre. My book collection is full of historical romance novel.


Oh I love them all, but one of my favorites is Enemies To Lovers !


I love untamable heroines. When She does not listen to Him at all.

Nina T

Does Beauty and the beast count? Oh, I just remembered: I love reformed rakes!

Nina T

I mean beauty and the beast themed historical romances 🙂