Romance 101: Contemporary Romance + Giveaway

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and we thought, what better way to celebrate than to talk about Romance!  We are starting a new series where we will be covering all topics related to the romance genre.  Kicking things off this week we will talk about subgenres, tropes and character types and give you some recommendations along the way.  This will be perfect for the newbie romance reader feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start.  But maybe it may have some information that you may not have been clear on if you’re a seasoned romance reader.  After this week, this will become a monthly feature so please be sure to let us know what other topics you’d like us to cover!



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Kate Vocke

My favorite contemporary romance trope is the “never single at the same time” – like One Day in December – so frustrating but I love it!

Misty S.

I have always struggled with figuring out what genre a book falls into so I am really looking forward to this series.

John Smith

“Leave a comment and tell us your favorite contemporary romance trope to read.” Aliens as romantic partners, of course!

E. R.

Friends-to-lovers trope, which is one of my fave romantic tropes of all.


I don’t know that I have a favorite so much as I have those I avoid.


Big brother’s friend and younger sister is my favorite contemporary romance trope


love second chance and enemies to lovers tropes

Sophia Rose

I love so many tropes: bikers, smalltown, sports, friends, fake date, opposites, blind date, love the geeks and age-difference among others. 🙂

Great intro to contemporary, Suzanne!

kathy valentine

another great video suzanne!! shared on my socials!!


Best friend’s older brother/younger sister also enemies to lovers


I’ve always been a fan of Friends to Lovers


enemies to lovers 🙂 I love the sparks and the sparring and the growing horror that they actually like each other! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Kim Perry

I love friends-to-lovers and enemies-to-lovers.


Enemies to lovers or friends to lovers

Mineliz Medina

I always have trouble figuring out what kind of trope any specific book has and it is frustrating! Although I know I love the arranged marriage on historical fiction.

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

Enemies to lovers. ” I didn’t know i was gay” for the M/M books. Second chances are good too.

Sue G.

I love the brother’s best friend trope! Always forbidden!


I enjoy enemies to lovers or second chance at love romances.


Enemies to lovers is my favorite trope.


I love the unexpected pregnancy trope. I also love single parent romances and romances that include cute pets or jobs where one of the characters works with animals.

Maria Theresa Santos

Enemies to lovers trope


Enemies to lovers!


Single parent and second-chance romances.

Kristiana S

I don’t know if i have favorite trope in romance. I usually just read them all. But i do know that i dislike taboo trope.

Joanne B

Friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, brother/sister’s best friend.


Enemies to lovers would be my absolute fav trope. Give me all that UST! Also, forbidden love.Coz nothing says I love you as much as a alpha hero grovel apologizing after making an ass of himself(oddly specific if hero is using heroine to get even with her family/father… like yikes!!! You go girl, bring him to his knees!!)


I really love opposites attract and friends to lovers!


My favorite contemporary series is The storm series by Samantha Towle


Enemies to Lovers!